Fido Post Holiday Sale hopes to clear inventory


  • Colin

    That’s funny, they are marketing the Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro as just the Vivaz. Way to confuse customers that do only a little research.

  • Andrew

    Your title should read “… hopes to clear inventory and wrap up suckers into unnecessary three-year contracts.”

  • IheartEU

    As a matter of fact the price of the Vivaz PRO! was lowered like a week ago. In any case it’s a fail of a sale.

  • slimkid

    Fido sucks. I just left them yesterday because they have no selection, and got the curve 9300 on the supertab

  • mike

    a real sale would be discounting the price off the actual price of the phone without signing your life away with a 3 year contract. if people are still signing contracts for a so called free phone are suckers cause that free phone is not free at all. the price of the phone is build in with the monthly plans and after your 3 year contract is up you actually paid over$ 1,000 bucks for that shiny new phone. and plus the phone you get doesn’t even last 3 years. after a year the phone craps out and you need to buy a new one anyway. and usually the phones they give out for $0 dollars are usually the ones that are going to be discontinued shortly.

  • Soulsaber

    LOL save $20 on the liquid E and that’s a sale? This is off the charts on the fail-meter.

  • gord

    i used to have fido when it was owned by microcell it was a good company then rogers distroyed them they were the first compamy that had to activation fee and to contract when they started they were the best at that time

  • Regulator

    Someone tell Fido / Rogers that no one wants a Blackberry that runs on EDGE these days.

  • Amar

    That’s a sale? LOL. I’ll tell you a sale, the Samsung Omnia 2 from Bell on prepaid for 49.95. Or the no contract prices from WIND or Moblicity. And they give you rebates as well. That’s a deal.

  • mike

    @Amar exactly atleast Winds and mobilicity’s phone prices are more reasonable specially with no contract, and they keep doing discounts off the prices. Atleast Wind and mobilicity are more honest with pricing and aren’t ripping us off with huge mark ups of prices just to fool people into contracts like the small 3.

    • Amar

      You speak the truth!