Various Canadian Boxing Day wireless promos…


  • Frank

    These are poop. serious. in the States they have only 2 yr contracts but boxing days specials are BOGO.

  • david dee

    Complete joke! Contracts are one problem but the carriers offer virtually nothing to existing customers renewing, particularly Rogers. Whatever happened to customer loyalty? I guess not necessary when locked in, completely anti-competitive. I would be intrigued to track customer movements if one day the government deemed all mobile customer contracts null & void.

    • monsterduc1000

      They never offer, you have to ask. Last time I renewed I asked what they would do for me to stay with them and got some a 100 extra minutes a month. Nothing spectacular but better than nothing.

    • Sub-Joker

      before resigning my contract with fido I negotiated a special plan for them. I ended up having the following for free (all reimbursed in the final bill).

      – Caller I.D and Voice mail
      – extra 100 minutes
      – early evening and weekends
      – free texting anywhere in Canada
      – Free MMS anywhere in Canada

      those are worth 30$ or more of add-ons. made me happy with fido customer service since now I only pay 25 (for unlimited receiving + 200 daytime plan) and 30 (for my data) to a total of 55 a month which goes up to 60 with taxes. not a bad plan considering the rest of plans the big 3 offer, and considering I need a phone with good coverage all around Canada.

  • B

    Koodo has the 8530 curve on sale or $150, or $0 with the Tab. Plus you get $75 in bonus stuff when activating at a corporate location or online

    • wonderbread

      This is true, its such a sweet deal. no contract and $75 in free gifts

  • Lucas

    Why are people still falling for these STUPID ‘deals’ contract after contract… you really think your phone is “FREE”?

    You’re just going to pay off your phone 10 times over in the next 3 years when the warranty is 1 year. Stupid consumers never seem to understand and this is what is wrong with the wireless industry.

    • Luqman

      That’s not true. I got the 3 year best buy handset warrenty (12/month) and they said they will give me a brand new one each time something happens to current torch within the 3 years. Not to mention if the torch gets discontinued and a torch 2 is released they’ll upgrade me to that just like the Bold 9700 to 9780.

    • Sub-Joker

      @ lucas, that is very true. with me, the average life of a cell phone is usually around 2 years. I think two year contracts are reasonable, but 3 years is just too much in my opinion.

      @ luqman, yes, they will replace it with a new phone, but that’s only bestbuy or futureshop warranty. even though I doubt they’ll ever give you the new torch if it came out.

      Normally, providers do so as well but UPON SIGNING A NEW 3 YEAR CONTRACT. so lets say you’re in the second year of your 3 year contract, they will sign you 3 years to get the handset and take off the one remaining year that you should stay with them. for example, if I sign in 2010 for a 3 year contract and in 2012 my phone got busted. they will sign me another 3 year contract till 2015.

      In my opinion, this is a rip off. because they are either giving you the option to live with a dying phone until your contract ends, or bind yourself with another contract. if you think of it, this cycle could never end coz few are those phones that can live for 3 years. plus, when you have a new technology coming every 4 months and better cellphones coming out every 4-6 months, that 3 year old phone (no matter how amazing it was back then) would be so outdated and you’ll hate it by the second or third year.

      remember, those companies are not there for charity work. not even close to that.

  • brian

    What I find annoying is that even if you were to buy a phone outright, the monthly plans for the big three are not discounted accordingly.

  • mike

    Its really funny that they price them at $0 for a 3 year contract, the phone in reality is not free at all. After your 3 year contract is up you actually paid over $1,000 for that shiny new phone. If they actually wanted to make a real boxing day sale, why not make a discount off the actual price of the phone without a contract, now that would be a real boxing day deal

    • TJ

      Aside from our contact length, what carriers should really do is discount plans if we aren’t on contract. Because our plans are the same price either way we really do get our cell phones for free. If people have problems with contracts they should just go with tabs or buy outright. Just be easy of tabs, they can actually be worse than contracts.

  • ke_rico

    Why complain. Nobody is forcing you to sign a contract.

    Go with Virgin Mobile and get supertab.

    Best decision I’ve ever made when it comes to which carrier to go with.

  • zorxd

    question: can I get one of these devices, get the $150 gift card, and then cancel my contract under Quebec bill 60? This way I would only have to pay $500 for the Desire Z but I would keep my gift card, isn’t it?

    • Sub-Joker

      very smart of you. but I donno if you can pull it off. That would lead to 350 for a new Desire Z which is very smart.

    • Philippe

      Yes you can do that !

  • JAWG

    And then the Fanboys say the Incumbents are crooks…Ha!Ha!Ha!

  • Z

    You can buy HTC Desire Z lot cheaper from 3rd party stores unlocked/debranded. Why do you even wanna sign a contract? You know they do a credit check each time you activate. Do you really wanna go thru all the credit evaluation just for a free gift card? Give it a thought!

  • mike

    @ZORXD very very smart Idea indeed. Why not that would gouge them for once. If everyone did this kind of thing it would hurt the big 3 be time. But the truth is why go with the big 3 companies in the first place, their monthly plans are highly over priced and their phones are highly marked up in price, they make up the price to make you think a 3 year contract is a better deal, a $500 phone they sell is only worth $100 to them, so making it to be $99 with a 3 year contract for a $500 phone which was over marked to begin with, they don’t loose anything on it, but then you pay $99 and sing a 3 year contract then after your 3 year contract is up you actually paid another $1,000 for that $500 phone which is only worth $100 to the company. Your better off switching to either Wind mobile or Mobilicity and pay only $40 per month for everything unlimited with unlimited Canada and U.S calling, Unlimited text and picture messaging, unlimited global text messaging, unlimited data. and includes voicemail, caller Id, call waiting, call forwarding. THe big 3 only give you After 9pm calling, 200 daytime minutes, up to 1gb of data, for over $120 per month which you have to pay extra for voicemal, and caller Id, plus extra for activation, plus extra for system access fee, plus extra for 911 fee, plus extra for roaming to other cities, plus extra for long distance. With Wind or mobilicity you can go to Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, or Calgary and no roaming costs no long distance costs, with wind and mobilicity there’s no zero extra fees, just your plan fee and thats it.

  • mike

    plus mobibilicity has free roaming across Canada, because the turned on free roaming for everyone, even outside of there home zones

  • adam

    hey, so my brother tried to get one of these deals, he was already a Bell customer, and the week before he worked out a deal with retentions. they told him he can go into any store that sells phones through bell, pick up a phone, and still get the retention plan. when we went to bestbuy on boxing day, we were told that since he was already an existing customer, it is not a “new activation” so he was not entitled to the special offer, he ended up paying 80 for the Desire Z and no gift card. does this sound correct? shouldn’t it still be considered a new activation since he is re-signing a 3 year contract and activating a new phone?

    • Kate

      I also went to FS to get the HTC Desire Z and was told since i was already a current Bell customer, i did not qualify for the $100 FS Giftcard. That the Giftcards are for new activations Only. She suggested since I was out of contract, to cancel my current #, and activate a new one to qualify for the GC….
      The only reason why I was going to do this was to get the GC and put it towards a warranty plan at FS so i wouldn’t get stuck with a broken phone in 2 years..