Poynt signs deal to have Yellow Pages listings show up on their app

Very interesting partnership here . Yellow Pages which has their own mobile app will also show up on the Poynt app. The two companies have signed a 5-year agreement that will bring 1.5 million business listings to the Poynt app. If you’re not familiar with Poynt, it can help you find phone numbers, addresses, directions, book restaurant reservations and a bunch of movie features such as reviews and the ability to purchase tickets. This app comes pre-loaded on various devices through various carriers and is available on BlackBerry, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 devices.

Stéphane Marceau, Chief Marketing Officer of Yellow Pages Group statd “Our agreement with Poynt emphasizes the opportunities our content can create for local search apps and how YellowAPI can drive additional visibility to our advertisers through partners such as Poynt”.

Source: MarketWire