Top Canadian 2010 technology news: iPad, iPhone 4, BlackBerry PlayBook

Finally some Canadian specific stats when it comes to 2010 hot topics. Over the past couple weeks we’ve seen Google, Yahoo! and Twitter announce the top trends and most talked about topics for 2010. They were all on a Global level and were not broken down into specific countries. Alas Influence Communication has released their Canadian news Review: 2010 Report. The report was compiled from January 1st – December 10th are here are the findings specifically for technology:

1. Apple introduces the iPad
2. Apple introduces the iPhone 4
3. The iPad is now available in Canada
4. Launch of the video game Prince of Persia
5. RIM unveils the PlayBook tablet

So Apple dominated once again. No talk of Android at all and nice to see RIM being a hot topic with the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet.

Source: Influence Communication