Motorola Spice now available at Mobilicity for $199.99


  • alpa

    its like the blackberry torch with android os but WAY cheaper

  • Thomas Hawk

    Poor’s man torch.

    • EJ

      Smarter man’s torch

    • zorxd

      We must admit that the Torch is a little bit better, but not by much. It is certainly not worth the extra $300-400.
      I think that the LG Optimus is an even better deal for $200 however.

  • Hilroy

    Noice, I’ll be getting this.

  • Ted

    Can it be used as a Tethered Modem ? Anyone ?

  • Myles

    Moblicity tab plz

    • Hilroy

      You need tab for even $200?

  • Zeake

    If you need a tab for $200 you need to get a job, learn to save, ask for a raise, stop: smoking, gambling, drinking, picking up prostitutes or… well you get the point!


  • Anti-robellus

    Does it come with motoblur and if it does not worth buying it.

    • Hilroy

      Yes, it comes with Motoblur.

  • Terry

    It’s a square? Aw, lame… Though it does come with a free bluetooth headset AND 2GB SD micro card… For $200..That is pretty sweet.

  • Mel

    Planning on getting one myself.

  • unity04

    This looks awesome for $200, more appealing than the LG Optimus One. I’m on Bell, would I be able to unlock it to use on the Bell network?

    • Me

      Can’t use this on Bell, it doesn’t have 850/1900MHz .

  • unity04

    Also, for $200, is this phone quick? Haven’t been able to find any reviews about it

    • Hilroy

      You can’t find any reviews since this was just released worldwide.

  • TayTay

    Good job Mobi. This is an excellent value, compared to what some other companies are offering. I think it is a good balance between quality and price.

    I’ll be sticking to my rooted myTouch Slide with 2.2.1 (2.3 hopefully once CM gets their hands on it), but I like that Mobi is making good decisions… now increase signal strength and coverage area! I don’t think I have EVER had full bars for more than a moment, and there are major areas in the GVRD that are not covered yet! C’mon, I want to support you Mobi, get it handled!

  • skhan27


  • jesusguy

    can i use xperia x10 without a data plan just the $25 plan ?

  • JE



    Come on folks, this phone is garbage!!! These are the types of phones that will never see another Android update!! It’s best to purchase Android phones that have a huge buzz behind them, as those will be the only ones receiving updates!!

  • allyourphones

    Can I buy this and use it on Fido in Vancouver?
    same bands?
    is it unlocked?