Video: In 2011 your mobile connects to “everyday objects like refrigerators and dog collars”

A few days ago JWT released their “Top 10 trends of 2011” and specifically for mobile it goes something like this: “With mobile devices in our pockets though, the physical world and the digital realm will increasingly mesh. As the internet of things is realized we will see digital connections coming to everyday objects like refrigerators and dog collars… Our digital worlds meanwhile will get hyper personalized with our devices turning into assistants that automatically offer up customized recommendations and suggestions”.

Surely somebody out there will create the dog collar and try to make a quick buck that can easily program an alarm clock to your pooch that syncs with your device. JWT certainly have their stuff right though. Proof of these “digital connections” is already taking shape over at Rogers and will continue to do so throughout 2011.

Nadir Mohamed, President and CEO of Rogers, recently spoke about how the future will be based upon Machine-to-Machine and noted they have begun internal testing of “Rogers Smart Home Monitoring”. Mohamed stated that the “new service will start as a real-time home monitoring system with energy management and home automation tools. It will allow you to access the news, sports, or local traffic via your home security panel as you walk out the door… It will allow you to use your mobile device to turn your lights on and off, to adjust your thermostat, and to receive alerts telling you when your kids arrive home safely.”

As for when JWT states that “our devices turning into assistants that automatically offer up customized recommendations and suggestions”. Well, Calgary-based Multiplied Mutlimedia have this covered. Their Poynt app almost has all the features currently in play. Even in their latest Q3 results they gave a brief insight that in 2011 they will be “focused on delivering additional vertical content and functionality to users that will increase user’s affinity toward the app as well as increase the overall usability and “stickiness” of Poynt in consumers’ daily lives.”

The future is looking very mobile. What do you think 2011 will look like? Check out the video after the break

Source: JWT Intelligence
Via: FP