Rogers to release the Nokia E7 early Spring 2011


  • Cody

    Symbian? Gross. Nice looking phone though, can’t say that too often about nokia.

  • Canadude

    Very nice looking phone. Wonder what price it will come in at…

    • Daniel AJ

      Judging from the N8 price: Not under 549 C$.

  • Will

    ooh. agreed! like the look of the phone. but symbian? gross indeed (former e71 user). i’m with that other person who said nokia should put android on their smartphones.

  • Harry

    Oh my god!!!! Symbian is a VERY STABLE operating system well I use that term losely HOWEVER nokia needs to give it UP ALREADY no one wants me to develop software for symbian OS they’re fighting a losing battle against likes of the android and iOS Id rather see them use that great hardware for a unstable and very popular OS Android like samsung LG and HTC are doing, then get buried with their creation. They HAVE to join them since the cant’ beat them since google gives out the OS for free why not give it a try it’ll make for less expensive smartphones just look at LG they have sub 200$ android phones doesn’t mean their good but volume is what keeps your company alive and people employed

  • nimic

    This needed to be out this year. It has monster specs but then a 640×360 resolution screen, arm 11 680MHz (in a 1GHz market), and symbian which is probably going to be replaced by meego.
    It’s very pretty though.

    • Guillaume B

      They won’t be replacing Symbian with MeeGo anytime soon. They will, however, be pushing Symbian further and further down the price range until it totally replaces their aging S40 featurephone platform.

      And with QT for development, everything that’s going to be developped for MeeGo will be trivial to port to Symbian and vice-versa.

      But agree with you that it should come out this month. Next spring is just going to be too late.

  • Michael Kwan

    They needed to put MeeGo on this. Symbian is far too dated for such great hardware.

  • coxon

    Symbian^3 is not the same as S60 3rd which is on the E71. The icons may look the same but underneath it’s much a whole new OS. So far I love it.

  • NikePlusRunner

    Great looking phone with some nice features. If the camera is like the N8 then it will be great.

    • Guillaume B

      Camera is not like the N8. This has a EDoF camera, not an Auto-Focus camera. EDoF (Extended Depth of Field) is a new type of focussing Nokia recently started using on some of their phones. Basically, instead of having a moving auto-focus, which is expensive, larger and more prone to breakage, they use a lens which will focus the three colors that make up your picture at three different ranges. One at about 1 meter away for taking portraits, one further away (I don’t know the exact range) and one focussed at infinity (good for landscapes). Then, a software algorithm uses the sharpest info for every part of the picture picture and adds the colorisation.

      On the upside, it’s quicker than auto-focus at snapping a pic as you don’t have to wait for it to focus on a subject. Everything further more than one meter away is in good focus. Of course, it has downsides in that you can’t use the focus for depth of field effects. Macro photography is pretty much out as well.

      It does take fantastic videos though. Automatic focus was always a problem for video in that it was always a tradeoff. If you have initial focus, if you are filming a moving subject that moves away from the camera, you will lose focus on it. If you use continuous autofocus, there’s a chance the camera will misinterpret what you were filming and change the focus which will ruin your video (not to mention rapidly changing focus tends to be displeasing to the eye). EDoF does away with this problem; everything (not too close) is in focus, all the time.

      It is a good move for the mass-market consumer, but it is however a step back for the prosumer that wants the best “real camera” you can get on a phone.

  • Stuntman

    This unit was priced higher than the N8. The advantage over the N8 would be larger screen, clear black display and physical keyboard. The N8 has a way better camera.

    The full focus camera will have difficulties taking close up shots of 50 cm or nearer. It would not be able to take pictures of documents very well.

    This phone is supposed be scheduled to be released this month (in some part of the world). Being in Canada, things tend to get delayed a bit. However, spring of next year seems very far away. The HTC Desire Z was announced a day after the E7 and the Desire Z was released in early November in Canada. It was available in October in some countries. The longer delay for Nokia may be due to the fact that Nokia does not have a strong presence in North America and give higher priority to other parts of the world.

    I was hoping the delay would mean that the E7 browser will be the improved version that Nokia was working on. However, the time frame does not match the scheduled update for the N8 browser. Maybe the E7 already has the latest browser. I’ll have to wait and see to know for sure.

    I was disappointed that it did not come out sooner. I would have given Nokia a chance to get my business, but it took too long to get to market here in Canada. It was announced back in September and it looks like it’ll be over half a year before it hits the street here. I ended up taking my business elsewhere.

  • Raj

    I purchased the Nokia N8 from Rogers and ended up returning it two days later. Hardware was great but Symbian OS was so outdated compared to other smartphones out there in that price range.
    Also could not load a European email address (British Telecom/Yahoo) onto the phone. Called Nokia Canada for technical support, after being on the phone for over an hour and a half and being routed to four different people from Europe, USA and back they still could not solve it. Nokia’s final answer to me was to get a new email address!

    Nokia will never succeed in North America as there customer service is extremely poor!

  • Ahmed Eltawil

    Symbian is a gone OS. You polish a turd, it’s still a turd.

  • Guillaume B

    Symbian^3 is much much better than their previous attempts. Quite frankly, there is no reason to complain it’s less advanced or intuitive, the UI is on par with the others on the usability front. Oh, it doesn’t look as geeky as Android and not as pretty as WinPhone7 (*drools*), but it easily holds its own with iOS on pretty much all fronts but amount of apps (and it’s no slouch there either). It’s a different usage metaphor than we’re used with on other platforms, a bit more phone-centric than computer-centric. But if for you the apotheose of user experience is a grid of application like the iPhone, then just press the menu key on a Symbian^3 device and there you go! Grid of applications!

    For the camera… I have a C7 (bought unlocked), which has the same camera as the E7. It works for documents and QR codes. 8 megapixels means you can take a picture from a meter away (which is about the threshold for the focus on the EDoF camera) and still have a pretty good resolution on the resulting photo. And EDoF is amazing for videos, it’s a much more elegant solution to the problem of focussing in videos than anything else we’ve seen before. Of course, for stills, it’s miles behind the N8, but then again, everything that isn’t a dedicated camera is.

    However, Spring 2011 is too late. Right now, the E7 is a hot phone with all the bells and whistles, but next Spring there’ll be a whole new generation of phones from competitors out on the market. I was quite relieved to see the N8 come out relatively quickly in Canada after the international release, but someone who buys the E7 at launch will already be part of the way through the phone’s life cycle as Nokia’s top business phone. Which is to say they’ll have, what, 6 months of it being the best business phone from Nokia before something else comes out and steals all the spotlight?

    That’s too late, Rogers and Nokia, just too late.

    • Nado

      Amen brother! Nailed it.

    • jB

      Nice one.

      I had a back and forth with customer service about the N8 not being available during launch date here. And as I predicted, when it was released, it was only available from Rogers (and I hate Rogers!). Why Nokia Canada doesn’t sell carrier-less unlocked phones like Nokia USA does is completely beyond me. The only answer I was given was “we’re sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you”. What a bunch of BS.

      You’d think with Nokia’s CEO, being the proud Canadian that he is, would know better.

      Way to kill whatever North American market share you could get, Nokia.

  • J.P.

    Rogers needs to get the HTC Desire

    • Guillaume B

      I don’t see why they would; the Desire is a good phone, but Rogers already has an Android phone in that format (QWERTYless candybar with a less than 4″ screen) with superior screen technology (SuperAMOLED): the Samsung Captivate.

      Of course, I wouldn’t blame someone for preferring HTC’s Sense to Samsung’s TouchWiz (what an horrible name), but in the end they’re still similar enough that I doubt Rogers would see a reason to get yet another (now slightly aging) Android slate.

      What they could go for is the Desire HD with its large screen. Or a QWERTY Android phone; the Moto Milestone 2 still hasn’t been announced with any provider here. Or maybe a QWERTY WinPho7 phone like the vertical slider Dell Venue Pro or the horizontal slider the HTC 7 Pro (such a hot looking piece!).

  • Wireless Gangster

    id get this phone in a heart beat if it ran android or even windoes 7 but symbian? nahh ill pass

  • polad

    Symbian very old↲Android very young

  • it_guy

    Bell is testing right now the E7. Roger’s refuse it because the unit was too expensive as per my Nokia rep.

    Bell is also launching the Nokia C6-01 in Febuary.

  • Bayram Yalin

    It is a great minus for Nokia Smartphones not having full vertical QWERTY keyboard. Several times I asked Nokia what they are doing on it, but rec’d no sufficient reply. They say that screen gets smaller due to full vertical keyboard. I told them that it should be the user’s problem and asked them to give option on the phone to use both vertical and horizantal keyboard. They said that they would work on it but I think they won’t be able to succeed it.

  • Nicholas

    I love Symbian, i’ve grown up on it. MY first rogers phone was the 6620, then the 6682, then the N95(favorite phone), then the N97mini (was very sad when it broke) and now the N8. I’m excited for this model… perhaps i may get it. As for the E71… it was just a bad phone, I love symbian but i did find the os akward on that one for some reason.

    and judging form the N8 price this should be around 499, 449 out right. Remember the N8 had a MUCH better camera.

  • Claude Poirier

    Nevr happened, July 200 almost gone, No E7 in Canada yet, I think rogers changed there mind on this phone, too bad its better then the N8 and alot of other Rogers “smartphones”.