TELUS to unlock devices for a fee in early 2011

There has been some major advancements in the way that TELUS is operating. To compete with other carriers in Quebec they released their Unlimited Quebec plan, a similar unlimited offering popped up in Winnipeg last week. In addition, TELUS restructured their cancellation policy (for new customers or those who renew) and also introduced a new hardware upgrade structure.You take all this and combine it with their device lineup (Fascinate, Desire, Torch, Optimus 7) the Future is Friendly!

It’s going to get even friendlier early next year. Currently the Big 3 carriers (Rogers, Bell and TELUS) all have their devices programmed to only operate on their network. Apparently a new strategy for TELUS is that they’ll start offering their customers the option to unlock their device for a fee. According to the Financial PostA final shift in strategy is that Telus will begin some time early next year allowing mobile customers to “unlock” the vast majority of their handsets for a small fee, a first among the Big Three carriers.

There are many ways to get your device unlocked now but this is a big step in the right direction. Certainly if TELUS does this other carriers will follow. No word on how much the fee is or what the “vast majority” of the devices are… hopefully it’s their entire lineup.