Videotron offers free month of service*

With all the competition in Quebec we’ve seen offers and promotions come out of every carrier – handset reductions, monthly price plan drops and even the adoption by every carrier with an Unlimited Quebec monthly plan. A new promo by Videotron has arrived and the deal is a first month of free service. It’s a good deal as saving money is always a good thing, especially if you go for the most expensive plan.

However, reading the fine print there are some details for those who can actually get this deal… “This limited-time offer is intended to new residential customers subscribing to Videotron mobile service. Regular rate apply as of the second month. This offer does not apply for Videotron wireless customers who migrate on the 3G+ network”.

So if you’re a residential customer who’s been holding on to your home phone and want to give Videotron a go… now might be the time to do so. However, the key word in the fine print is “intended”… so it’s possible it they have flexibility of who can get the first month free.