Bell updates future Manitoba HSPA+ coverage map


  • Bryan

    Does that help us get Froyo soon? 😛

  • Sid

    So are they going to start selling service here now?

  • aviking

    So since Bell is sharing a network with Telus and Telus has been saying that they are going to have data outside Winnipeg for the past three years and still nothing I guess that means we should see this go live in like 2020 or so? Just in time to coincide with MTS going live with HSPA – lol

  • Matt

    so it doesnt look like bell will be sharing the mts/rogers on their new hspa network like they do with their cdma network… I Want hspa IN MANITOBA ALREADY..

  • Vikz99

    well look at the map now on IT is gone!

  • Vikz99

    bell already sells their line of service, like pay as you go in manitoba.