MTS launches the Motorola Milestone A854


  • TomatoGuy

    Year old phone with outdated Android version (2.1) for $179.99 on 3 years? What are they smoking at MTS? I dare someone to pick it up. Time to get with the times MTS.

  • Sam

    CDMA you say? Useless

  • Terry

    2.1 is old? Is there even a phone in Canada with 2.2 yet?
    Maybe be old globally, but you know Canada lives in a telecommunications bubble that’s about 12 months behind.

    • Dom

      Officially? Yes, the Desire. Unofficialy? Thousands.

    • lol

      lol so there is ONE desire but THOUSANDS of other android phones?

      but seriously. canada sucks.

  • n

    it is very expensive for 1yr contract

  • Nylore

    It is very expensive for such an old phone, however it would be hard to argue with MTS’ unlimited data. MTS charges less for unlimited data than I pay for my 500mb on Rogers.
    I am waiting for my contract to run out and hopefully I can port my phone over to MTS when their “new” (which they are building with Roger and Rogers is already using) network comes out.

  • Pj

    I am almost at the end of my 3-year contract with MTS, and I can’t wait. Their service is s**t, they screw up all the time, their phones suck, their plans are REALLY not that cheap. They may have cheap data now using the CDMA network, but once they launch their HSPA network, I have a hard time believing they wont up their prices…

    • Bob

      I agree, and thw only reason MTS is unlimited is because you wont used that much on a cdma network lol

  • bob

    i laugh at mts

  • Ben

    uhh… this phone is a year old?

  • BlueBomber


    What the hell?!

  • Bobby

    the Milestone is an outdated phone, granted it has a steal body and its alittle heavier the other phones but its a little pricey. Mts needs to get this upgrade done to HSPA but depending on how much they boost up there plan rates
    and if they dicide to limit there data. they might end up shooting there selves in the foot. Im not sure of the details but Rogers just want inner province usage and mts will get outer province usage on rogers towers. they both benifit in the end it sounds like.