Rogers launching BlackBerry Bold 9780 October 27th?

The upcoming launch of the BlackBerry Bold 9780 “refresh” is hitting Virgin Mobile on October 21st, also rumoured to be arriving on the same day for both Bell and TELUS. Over at TheBerryFix another rumour has Rogers launching this October 27th, 6 days after the other carriers. In regards to pricing, it’s known that Virgin (and probably the others) will have this available for $149 on their SuperTab/contract… but Rogers apparently will be going against all previous pricing models at $148.99 on a 3-year contract (devices usually launch at the $149.99 mark).

Regardless of dates… the device is coming soon. Specs of the 9780 have it with a 2.4-inch display (resolution of 480×360), 624 MHz Processor, 512 MB of RAM, runs the new BlackBrry 6 OS and the Webkit browser, 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus and LED flash, Bluetooth 2.1

Source: TheBerryFix
Via: IntoMobile