Microsoft’s Ballmer on Android updates: “chaotic and not necessarily as well thought through”

Last week Google’s Andy Rubin was talking about Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 and said “the world doesn’t need another platform. Android is free and open; I think the only reason you create another platform is for political reasons. Why doesn’t the whole world run with [Android]?”

Microsoft announced their new platform on Monday and nn Canada we will be graced with 4 Windows Phone 7 devices: HTC Surround (TELUS), LG Optimus Quantum (Bell), LG Optimus 7 (TELUS) and the Samsung Focus (Rogers). Release dates of these are unofficial but all will be available sometime before the holiday season.

In an interview with CNet’s Ina Fried, Steve Ballmer, Microfost CEO, was asked about the future upgrade schedule of Windows Phone devices and how they plan on moving faster than their competition. Ballmaer said “You will see us with capability that comes out more regularly and then with big annual steps. I think it is probably fair to stay that Apple takes reasonably big steps every year to two years. I think a lot of the steps Google is taking are chaotic and not necessarily as well thought through. It doesn’t mean there is not some good stuff there and certainly we’re going to have a rapid pace.

During the interview Ballmer avoided to give any predictions on sales numbers but did state that “I think this is a very dynamic marketplace. You’ve got a weird eclectic mix of players. There’s always somebody who is hot. In Google’s case, you don’t really know whether an Android device is an Android device is an Android device. Then you’ve got some guys who are less hot. We’ll have to see where we play in the mix, but I am optimistic about the chance to make some real progress.”

What are your thoughts… will you be getting any one of these 4 devices when they officially land in Canada? If so which one… if not, why not?

Source: Cnet