Google on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7: “the world doesn’t need another platform”

Microsoft is prepping for their big Windows Phone 7 announcement on Monday and us Canadians will also benefit as the official launch will happen at the same time as the United States. There’s a great read over at PCMag of an interview with Google’s Andy Rubin. He talked openly about the Android OS and it’s future, but one of the good quotes was about Windows Phone 7. Rubin stated that “I think the screen shots I’ve seen are interesting, but look, the world doesn’t need another platform. Android is free and open; I think the only reason you create another platform is for political reasons. Why doesn’t the whole world run with [Android]?

No doubt Android is becoming a more popular choice when it comes to a mobile OS. It’s easy to adopt and easy to use… however one of the main consumer frustrations is the actual OS a device launches with. Many devices in Canada are released at various times with various versions of the Android OS. Some being 1.6, 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2. In the same article Rubin said “There’s no advantage to the OEM of using an older version, and I’d say there’s a consumer disadvantage”.

Read the entire article here at PCMag
Via: Phandroid