Rogers BlackBerry 9300 and 9700 getting software update to enable UMA


  • Rocco StiffReddi

    What about Wind?! They are left out in the cold again!

    • No Way

      Wind has a UMA service ?

  • Canadianman20

    Wind users will try and argue that they have unlimited minutes anyway, so what does it matter to them. Well unlimited calling is great, but unfortunately it is in a very tiny and limited area, with no clear signs of how expansion will go. With the recent merger, who knows the way the new company will want to treat Wind. With Vimpelcom, there seems to be talks about how to handle Orascoms current investment in all markets, and looking at which are viable and which are not. And if they look at the Canadian market right now, they may decide that its not worth the wait of several years to see a good turn around on the investment and may decide to pull out and call in the bill.

  • Rogerswind

    rogers is the only company offering this with their student plans.

    • No Way

      It’s a monthly add-on.

  • Regulator


    Any “enthusiast” of the blackberry world will flash their phones with a hybrid OS and get things like this working, official update or not.

    I’m sure Wind will get an update.

    I’d rather Wind get bought out by the Russians, than ROBELLUS so they can just keep it as a sub brand and further their monopoly.

  • chall2k5

    @canadianman20…..i see OTH and VC staying in the game for a long time….there is profit potential…no matter what Robellus try and say….ARPU is still going to be higher in Wind than any of their other carriers…..maybe when CRTC lowers the ownership requirements….we’ll wee the US guys come up here

    • Canadianman20

      Of course there is profit potential, but companies have to look at it from a realistic standpoint. In the same quarter, Rogers, Bell and Telus each signed up more new subscribers than Wind did. And for the new foreign company, they need to look at how much money they will spend to get the network nationwide, how long it will take, how many customers they will get and how long until they see a return. It will not be a quick turn around and will take 10+ years to fully get everything down right. And the big 3 will not be sitting idle through that time, and VC may just decide to cut the losses and its not worth the risk. Im not saying Wind should fail, im saying its simple business. If the new company can not see Wind turning big profit out quick, they will not want to invest in the market. The only thing we can do is wait and see.

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    chall2k5 interesting point but the established markets they have are making a profit, Wind in canada is losing money each quarter. They can not make the interest payments, so they could have the ARPU of 100.00 per sub that still does not make the interest payment let alone the operating costs.

    I agree VC will take a long hard look at this situation and possibly make a move. All this is still up in the air as the deal is still on the shareholders table. Uncle swarie can sell his shares, but that will not stop the shareholders from wanting their returns. Clearly uncle swarie has been giving them something for the investment..

    times are getting interesting.

  • sookster54

    Unlimited minutes isn’t the point, the point is being in a weak signal area and wireless is all over the place, would be nice when more carriers support UMA.

  • Don

    Yea, it does not waste your mins, but you need a wifi enabled plan? So you have to pay extra anyway. Rogers really are money grubbers.

  • bblover

    What does rogers BIS customer means? I haven’t received any txt from rogers yet. I have a 9700. Checked the update site n it poped up there’s no updates.

  • Terry Funk

    If Orascom sees a market in North Korea, I’m pretty sure they will stick to the Canadian market.