Bell has actually been testing LTE since the Summer


  • TomatoGuy

    The first Big3 company to begin testing new affordable monthly plans will get my money. Until then, nobody really cares about who’s doing LTE testing and who has started it first.

    • semaphore

      Right now the Big3 are offering some fantastic retention plans, and they will continue to do so until they have stamped out all those pesky new competitors. So enjoy it while it lasts.

      As far as the latest and greatest technology goes, we may not all understand the appeal of downloading a 1080p 3D smellovision™ movie in 30 seconds to a phone, but if our networks get left behind the rest of the world, high tech jobs will go elsewhere. It’s the truth.

    • TNSF

      There are so many amazing offers available right now. I can’t believe people are still complaining about prices not being low enough.

  • Toby

    If Rogers’ LTE network is as good as their HSPA network, one should experience data speeds of 200kbps and calls that occasionally may actually connect…

  • DH

    500MB-1GB for $30 on EVDO, EDGE, 3G-HSPA+, or LTE is all the same thing, why does the tech matter if they’re not going to let us have fun by using it.

  • Gere

    I can’t wait for the Rogers LTE network so that I can finally get EDGE-like speeds in my neighbourhood! Not that I haven’t completely enjoyed the lightning fast GRPS speeds from my HSPA+ connection though…

    Perhaps Rogers will be extra generous and let me receive my text messages within a few hours of them being sent for only $5 more a month! 😉


    Maybe they should make their CURRENT network work reliably instead of racing to get the claim of “Canada’s fastest reliable network”. On my street, I’ve never gotten more than 1 mbps in the middle of the night on my iPhone…in the day, it goes more like 50 kbps. However, if I walk to the park behind my house it shoots up to 6 mbps. Rogers claims my street has “perfect reception” based on their map and refuses to come check it out in person after I’ve escalated my complaints week after week.

  • MXM4K

    I’m all for the new networks and faster speeds. I think it’s great for the potential of having rural areas covered with truly high speed bandwidth. Urban ares customers could truly cut the cord of hardwire connections.

    However, no amounts of speed is worth it to me if I’m limited to 500mb of data for $30ish a month, or whatever that ridiculous rate is these days.

    “Sign up for the new 4G network and burn through all your data within minutes! Thus having to give us more of your money for overage charges! What a great deal, sign up today!”

    Give a realistic bandwidth cap, similar to broadband caps today or higher, at similar or better prices. Then and *only* then would any of this be of any benefit to the consumer. Unfortunately, unless the the new guys start seriously denting the market share of the big guys, I don’t see this happening.

  • Willy

    Unless data plan prices drop substantially, I really see no difference between all these new technologies.

  • galymede

    people are still complaining about data prices? ever carrier was/is offering 6GB for $30. take the plan and shut up.

    • Jim R

      The 6GB for $30 offering was a time limited promotion that required a contract. When 6GB for $30 becomes the norm and does not require a contract, I will reduce my complaining.

  • BlueBomber

    LTE testing in my city?! Shit just got real.

    Can’t wait.