Mobilicity to launch in Edmonton on October 21st?


  • chall2k5

    Damn….now why didnt wind think of that

  • EJ

    I immediately made the connection between frankenstein and cellular service. Cheeeeese, just hire the badboy guy.

  • Joe

    (When) are they coming to Montreal?

    • Coldbones


  • Kevin

    Hmm, wait so what venue are they hiring by ? I’m interested in applying with them …

    And this is sickkk i’m definitely going to switch over if the reception is decent off the bat. So mainly northeast corner of the city, and the university.

    • john

      Good luck with that! I wonder how many times a day your phone will switch to Rogers

  • TomatoGuy

    How about improving coverage in Toronto area and expanding it to cover the whole GTA first?

  • malingerer

    John Bitove strikes (out) again…?

  • havok

    well, my reception, and service has gotten way better in previous weeks with my 9700 on mobilicity. and even better, i have a phone from chatr, and a phone from public for comparison*.

    public, doesnt work in most areas and they have horrid service. Chatr surprised me the most because its rogers. its service is the worst of the lot. those phones i have with the others, im moving to mobilicity today.

    * i own a security and investigations company, and utilize various forms of telecommunication.

  • JAWG


    Right…Chatr that has the most reliable/solid network in the bunch you mentioned is worse than both Mobilicity/PM in the Toronto area…are you on crack or what?

    Almost 6 individuals in our office are using Chatr with different phones after trying the new entrants which they left because of awful service and ALL are reporting great coverage.Please…get real.

  • havok

    @j**g. lol, you can say whatever you like. i could care less who in your office is using what. i have one, and its garbage… nuff said.

    say what you like. 😛