Sony Ericsson announces LiveView: 1.3-inch remote control accessory for Android devices


  • Mike V

    This seems like a waste of technology to me. Phones are small and portable, wtf you need a remote for?

    • Andy C

      phone’s are portable?

      something with a 4+ inch screen is pushing the definition of portable.

      some people would rather whip this thing out on public transit then there 500 – 600 phone if they are just checking feeds or listening to music unless you want to watch video or surf.

    • Cadet

      especially when they are pushing the tablets or pads to use as phones as well…

      put the pad / tablet in the bag pack….

    • Mike V

      I have an HTC Desire which measures 4.5″ in length and despite your comment still find it ridiculous. It fits into my pocket and is easily manageable, plus I have short fingers!

      If I were less of a hippy, I would say that people with 500-600 phones shouldn’t be riding transit. That could be some sense though, except that if someone has this, they would have money to waste and still be a target.

  • Charles in Vancouver

    It requires Android 2, eh? I sense a bit of irony here, coming from the only company that released their 1Ghz phone with Android 1.x on it!

  • Bubzilla

    I dont know if this is necessary or just making a gadget for the sake of making a gadget, but someone will buy it!

  • Ryan

    So what SE phone can actually use this? The xperia phones? Oh wait 1.6 nvm :p

  • Sameer Wahab

    Just tell me this will be available in October 2010 for less than $30, and I’m sold…

  • phuzzykiller

    Obviously, someone at SE f****d up and forgot that they don’t produce phones with android 2.x…. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t release this until it’s loooong past when they say it’s to be released. Kinda like the Xperia… no? (and just as useless)

  • R Greg

    hmmm I’d suspect it will launch for half the price of an iPod Nano and probably twice as useful. If you have any larger display Android phone/tablet this would be incredibly useful especially during workouts or runs. Why would you every buy a small MP3 player when you could rock this with your smartphone? Despite the obvious faux pas made by SE and their Xperias running 1.6 atm, I’m glad to see them developing a cool accessory for the Android platform, can’t fault them for that.

    • Ryan Waddell

      I can’t imagine finding this thing useful – if I’ve got a tablet for my media player, my headphones still have to be plugged into the tablet, not the remote, so not much use on the ol’ treadmill.

      Unless it is EXTREMELY cheap, I can’t imagine the market they’re aiming for here.