Video: The Sony Ericsson “Product Testing Institute”


  • Victor

    Pretty cool features that I didn’t know about. But too little too late. Especially since its not getting 2.2

    • Jimmy

      Yeah, and it’s skin is butt ugly

  • Rogerswind

    smart commercials

  • ai4281

    Fun commercials, but I would still take a vanilla 2.2 Android over any skin-infested version of it.

    Seriously, these ads are kinda flawed. The people that care enough to watch these ads are probably aware of the fact that X10 is stuck on 1.6 and 2.1 because of this stupid timescape skin.

    Stock Android > Skins.

  • ghurley

    The article says: “They compared the X10 features to it’s rivals”

    This is an apostrophe error. When you use an apostrophe like that, it means “They compared the X10 features to it is rivals”, which makes no sense. Please don’t use apostrophes with the possessive “its”.

  • Reggie Noble

    That phone had so much potential. Too bad for the crappy skin, Android 1.6 and the plasticly feel to the phone. And lol @ then comparing their phone to the EVO 4G, iPhone 4 and other good phones.

  • Michael

    That is so sick :)) The first video shows really uneducated people who don’t have goals in their lifes and that is amazing that they could find any video function 😀

  • Taylor

    I just watched the first video, and while it was kind of funny, shouldn’t it be pretty much the same to do everything on the Evo and Experia, considering they both run Android? In fact, the Evo would probably be nicer to use because it’s running Froyo.

  • Taylor

    I’d honestly be surprised if a high-end phone like the Evo couldn’t actually zoom while recording.

  • Smilez

    So if you’re retarded buy an Experia…

    • Jimmy M


      That’s the exact impression I got from these videos. Funny how Sony’s very own marketing team doesn’t even know what product is aimed at which audience.

  • Erik

    I noticed that they had switched between the Blackberry and the iPhone between videos. Wouldn’t want someone to find a song faster on the iPhone and make the x10 look bad.

  • kiz

    I guess this isn’t a real product testing session but an add/comedy show? I’ve worked in one before and this is just too umm…fake I guess is the right word. It plays too much on the stereotypes of all the groups presented.

  • Greg

    These ads are hilarious! Gotta have the gum and Did I say you could trade phones were my favorites.

  • Nadeem Khan

    I watched these on my iPhone and I think my iPhone just threw up a little, that’s how pointless these ads were. Very entertaining and the host is hilarious but pointless nonetheless =)