Bell delays BlackBerry Torch 9800 launch to October 1st


  • Gary

    I really hope Rogers doesn’t delay theirs? That would really suck IMO.

    • kevin

      aperintly all carriers are.

  • Nick

    network problems with the phone and the firmware

  • Rich

    This is weird because lots of the Bell corporate stores have received the phones already.

  • Chris O

    I give Telus and Rogers until tomorrow before they push their dates back too. After all, we can’t have competition in Canada can we?

  • TNSF

    What a shame. I’m sure there are at least seven people who are disappointed by this news.

  • chrispycrunch

    It’s just a week. The 3 – year contract is too long and the phone costs too much…at that price might as well get another brand.

  • Regulator

    Suspicious indeed….

  • Intheknow

    Probably they realized that Rogers is launching it on the 1st too, so they figured they’d rather screw over a few more customers with older phones in the meantime.

  • Wayne

    Is it a coincidence that the 6 gig for $30 ends the day before the torch launches?!?

    We’ll take it and we’ll smile about it. After all, we’re Canadian.

  • Wtrl

    who cares its too expensive when compared to the competition.. and also when compared to price of the phone in the states on a 2yr contract no less… way to screw your fellow canadians RIM

  • yha

    what a ridiculous pricing!

  • alex

    dang, sucks

  • Christopher D’Andrea

    Rumor has it that the BlackBerry Torch 9800 has been delayed for all carriers due to last minute OS changes.

  • Shane

    This is a software issue with RIM, nothing to do with the carriers. Thru testing they identified an email issue and are resolving. If any dealers received units, they are prototypes only, nothing official has launched.

  • sookster54

    $600 for a dated device that’s only been released a month ago in the US. Sheesh the Android phones are $200-250 cheaper and do far more than Blackberries do nowadays. I own both types of devices and I’m tired of BB’s limits these days.

    Since Rogers is getting the Samsung phone, the Torch won’t sell as well as the Captivate with them.

  • Regulator

    The funny thing is people think that the pricing is from RIM. The pricing is not from RIM it is from the providers. Now watch that troll JAWG come in defending how we are getting bent over by the “innocent” big 3.