Bell & TELUS launching BlackBerry 9670 “Style” first week of November


  • Joe T

    Wasn’t this phone getting the Bold qwerty keyboard, not the Curves?

  • theninjasquad

    why are they still releasing new CDMA phones?

  • jonelle

    soooooo ugly

  • Mark

    Well if this device is plagued with the build problems of the Pearl 9100, Good LUCK RIM!! I’m on my 4th Pearl 9100 3G. This one needs to go back too, as the screen lens is starting to detach again on the left hand side where the lens meets the chrome ring.

  • Zeake

    Personally I think this phone is ugly as ****, but I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that I think it’s gonna do very well.

    You heard it here first folks!
    I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

  • sookster54

    Maybe it’s just me but that phone looks dumb.

  • Mark

    It looks more like a phone from 2000 than 2010!

  • egfegq

    Maybe it’s just me but im tired of hearing blackberry news on this site

  • Adi

    Guys, we’re all a bunch of male geeks here so no wonder we think this thing is ugly as ****. It’s clearly targeted at the female demographics since it looks like a makeup kit that the ladies use.

    Now, i still think it’s fugly and i can only guess that the CPU inside is some old silicon from 2007-2008 that RIM needs to sell somehow. In other words, same specs as the 9800 in an uglier design and at 2010 prices.

    One would be an i***t to purchase ANY of the recent RIM devices instead of a Cortex-A8 powered Android or iPhone 4.

    Now, let the RIM brigade digg me down as usual 🙂


    • Kieran

      It depends what you’re looking for.

      BB still blows away anything else for texting, email or IM. When that’s all you’re doing 95% of the time, BB is a very attractive option.

      This thing is ugly though, no denying it.

    • Creighton

      Well im a male to start and im sure not the only one I personally can’t wait for this to hopefully hit Sprint soon & I will be selling my Samsung Moment on Ebay. I and am sure alot of others still like the clamshell factor as it’s more comfortable to talk on (yes people still do that) lol although I text more myself. However this is everything the Lotus which I think is semi popular?? is lacking. This has apps,wifi FULL qwerty unlike the pearl flip and what looks like a decent camera with Flash! All wrapped up in at least the pics and videos ive seen not a bad looking device. Im sure & hope it will have its niche and prove all the haters wrong!

  • Dom

    Wow. Suck Part II.

  • Terry

    It’ll sell fine. Why? Because there’s next to no clamshell smartphones, a market that does deserve some attention.

    Could it have been executed better? Duh, yeah it could. lol but with not really any other competition with that phone format, it’ll sell well.

    I would kill for a clamshell android phone.

  • mario83

    what is rim thinking? nobody buys flip phones anymore, if anything this shouldve been a slider phone, those are still revelvant

  • Regulator

    I really think that RIM missed the mark with this one.

    • Carmine

      If I can relate your comment to basketball, the missed the net and took out a fan in the audience…

  • Bubzilla

    It isnt my cup of tea, but I can definately see it selling. Not everyone buys a phone because its “pretty” and full of gadgets. It would be good for someone who wants to try out a blackberry but is more comfortable with the usual flip design(eg if my dad ever got a blackberry this would be it) The only thing I dont get is that its for the CDMA network, but maybe they plan on throwing it on prepaid eventually? Bell has prepaid blackberry options already so..

  • Trevor

    I kinda like it. This picture is really crappy but the actual really looking one looks kinda nice. It is kinda girly but it’s really not. I think I would buy this instead of the torch, sad to say. But if the new bold comes out then screw this phone. I don’t know so many options

  • Natasha

    Can you say Blackberry s**t ?

  • TomatoGuy

    Blackberry Style – the ugly smartphone you’ve always been waiting for, finally arrived.

  • Jordan Horvath

    I have always liked everything from RIM but this… this has got to be the worst looking device I have ever seen. I mean it looks like someone took two different sized pancakes and tried to put them together. I think RIM needs to stick to with what there good at.

  • steven schwartz

    RIM is doing exactly what General Motors has done since 1980 I would even guess they have the same execs and design team. Hey RIM innovate or die.

  • Regulator

    @Carmine, yeah thats one nasty “AIR BALL”.

  • Regulator

    Carmine’s remark made me s**t my pants laughing but it is true. This device would or could have maybe been cool circa 1999 or something. Not 2010.

    RIM seriously needs to take a look at what other companies are doing. I’m starting to thing it would have been better off for them to stick to going after the business segment. I cannot picture anyone in a suit carrying that as an executive and further what girl is gonna take that over an iPhone or Android based phone?

    • Nick

      My wife would, I’ve been arguing with her to move to an Android phone but all she says is “I like my BB”.

      I think it’s ugly but if it’s small and can easily slip into a purse I could see it being big for women. Although wtf why on CDMA?

  • MER1978

    What’s with the HUGE wasted area right under the keyboard ???

  • Blair M

    hey the ladies love clamshell phones. They can throw them in their purse and the lens doesn’t get scratched! think about it. Pure marketing potential

  • Curtis

    I’m a guy – and I will be getting one….I love the clamshell with the full qwerty…

    The picture at the top doesn’t do it justice – it’s actually a terrible picture.

  • ssmacch

    The new 9670 is a beautiful phone! I have seen it and held it, the pictures don’t do it justice at all. It looks amazing, very different from all the pics online.You will all see how good it looks in person instead of just leaked photos.

  • vanbc

    it’s got wifi. if yer on telus, in bc, using a bb, the evdo here is slower than shall we say, “mobilesyrup” :). wifi anything is a breath of fresh air.

  • vanbc

    oh ya… and full qwerty. love my qwerty. the only reason i got a bb in the first place (8330)

  • kooba

    there is still a market for CDMA devices, especially in Canada with the northern areas which havent yet adopted HSPA. with that said it looks like a drag queens makeup compact. Ask your Dad He would know.

  • Nick

    Not my tastes at all, but I can imagine certain demographics this will do very well with. People who want a big screen and full QWERTY that folds in half, older people who don’t care about style (irony much?), girls, people who are paranoid about screens and keys getting damaged in their pockets, etc.

    Personally I think that if the phone is a little bit rugged it’s the ideal form factor for someone who knows they’re going to abuse their phone a little. If you’re doing hard manual labour with a phone in your pocket the last thing you need is stuff scratching the screen or grime getting caught in the keys. I still wouldn’t get it, but I think it might get a smattering of fans from all different walks of life.

  • denny cranium

    Got to hold a Bell Version of the Style.
    Gotta tell you I think this device is a winner.
    It looks great in your hand. For the person who doesnt want to carry a brick or candy bar device its a great phone.
    Has two bright displays. The 0S6 works well.
    Like the camera.
    If only they released it on the 3G hspa network.
    I think this device will surprise a lot of people.
    Its not just a CDMA “bone” Rim thru the carriers

  • MT

    I was first introduced this phone by a Telus dealer in Calgary,Ab. The out-look of this new flip phone is very impressive, the phone, screen size, full keyboard all meet with my requirements. I have been looking for such a phone for long time. Its style is very professional to me.

    I will buy one for myself and one more for my son for X’mas !