Pre-order the BlackBerry Torch 9800 at Best Buy


  • Amanda

    I would like to pre-order, but since Rogers turned to a 2 year period before data phones are eligible for even a small upgrade discount, I’ll be paying for this phone out right, and I’ll like to know the cost before I agree to buy it… no matter how much I am drooling over the pics of this phone. 🙂

    • Nick K

      Oops, I like your comment, clicked on the wrong button, sorry!!

  • Stupid

    Yeah right. Like there will be stock issues…
    The only way there will be stock issues is if each store only gets a few each.

    If you’re planning on buying this phone you should wait a bit for the markdowns and incentives.
    It should happen as fast as it did in the US.

  • Stupid


    Have you seen the reviews on this phone?
    Mobileburn does particularly good reviews.

    This form factor and OS 6 has potential but this phone is one to pass on.

  • Zeake

    my 9700 was my last blackberry, and I don’t think I will return for a long long time. One word… ANDROID!

  • Nick K

    I’m coming off the iPhone 3G. It served me well but I’m not playing this cat and mouse game trying to find an iPhone 4. I’ve had it with Apple. I tried the Nexus One. I hated it, the battery drained quickly, then you had to install a task killer app to save your battery life. The keyboard was terrible. The firmware changes everyday it seems. You can never have the latest firmware with an Android. I’m getting the Torch. At least I know it will be in stock and the Torch’s specs will do me just fine 🙂

  • Stupid

    Nick K

    At least test it in a store extensively before you buy it.

    Videos reviews are showing that it lags even doing the simplest of tasks.

    But, yeah.. It’s probably still better than any android available in Canada now and Easily better than the iphone.

    • Mike

      Better than iPhone??? LMFAO…this coming from someone whom obviously doesn’t have the iPhone 4. Google the comparison between Torch and iPhone 4, it’s not even close…..

  • Nick K

    Will do Stupid, hoping the Torch will give me the best of both worlds. Touch screen and physical keyboard.

  • Jim

    The one I was using lagged horribly. I am hoping that was the case due to it being a pre production model.

    199 and 649 outright are not attractive pricing, especially if they launch with a laggy OS

  • raymond lindell

    i need a blackberry torch now