Video: Rogers Nokia C3 quick overview


  • Zeake

    Not my cup-o-tea but for prepaid that’s a pretty good device.

  • Chris

    Too bad it’s on Rogers Pre-paid. Telus with $5 texting plan, PC Mobile, Speak Out and Petro are the only fair priced pre-paid options on the market. Your just a zombie if you go any other way. Do your research people.

    • Mark

      But you can use this on Speakout, and probably on Petro too! They use the same rogers network so you can use the old sim card without even unlocking the phone. I did this on Speakout so I could use the Samsung J706 (rogers prepaid as well). I may just upgrade to this beauty.

  • Know

    By the way, email, IM and facebook on this device was made in Montreal.

  • Greg

    Prepaid phone with wifi under $100? That’s pretty good. If you like Rogers that is.

  • Luke

    Pretty good, not that I prefer blackberry like devices, though Nokia = good to me!

  • ciprian

    can you unlock this phone to work on telus?