Video: Nokia 6700 Slide quick overview


  • Timothy Friesen

    It does look fantastic. Are these in stores yet? I’m kind of wary of ordering it over the web.

  • Guillaume B

    Well, it’s unsurprising that it’s got a better camera than some smartphone; it IS a smartphone itself. Smartphone is not defined by touchscreens, qwerty keyboard or 1GHz processors. It’s defined by installable native applications, which this one, running Symbian S60v3, does have. It’s older sibling, the Classic 6700, was a featurephone running S40.

    Just to make it clear as Nokia’s OS are not as well known as some others:
    S40 = featurephones/messaging phones
    S60v3 = smartphones
    S60v5 = touch smartphones
    S^3 = touch smartphones
    Maemo/MeeGo = high-end touch smartphones, netbooks, in-car computers

    • Adwin

      Now THAT is some cool info for the day! 🙂

  • Taylor

    Very interesting. Could be a decent camera for someone who doesn’t want to carry separate devices.

  • Nico

    My question is will this be one of the S60 devices that is eligable for Unlimited Mobile Browsing? (the 5800 is, but the N96 is not, nor is the N97 Mini afaik)

    • Guillaume B

      I can see them doing that; it is not percieved as a high-end device.

  • Doubles

    Who still uses 2.5mm audio jack? Haven’t they learned yet!

  • Luke

    does anyoen have this phone and call talk about the call quality + SIGNAL RECEPTION?! I am considering buying this phone (not necessarily on rogers).