Virgin Mobile revamps a few of their monthly plans again


  • Don

    This is getting worse than the gasoline price wars. I think any price changes a wireless company makes must remain valid for 90 days so that the ones who make bad decisions need to pay for it.

  • Jim R

    But they still don’t include called ID.

  • KT

    What a bunch of BS. Available to NEW customers only. Why don’t they do anything for the old ones they continue to screw by upping prices?

  • Bryan

    Apparently they have some more plans coming out on Friday; and as far as I understand, they are for existing customers as well. But don’t quote me on that.

  • Werner

    I’m a student; I don’t need voicemail, Caller ID would be much better.

  • Scotty-J

    All of virgins plans give you the option of caller Id and voice mail, or unlimited text messaging. Its your choice, call display is $7 a month, and voice mail and call display bundled together are $10 a month. Unlimited text messaging is the same price if you chose to go with Call display and voice mail.