Rogers launches first Prepaid BlackBerry… Curve 8520 available for $349.99


  • Eric Lewis


  • Bubzilla

    it was expected though….Rogers created this out of necessity because of Wind and Mobilicity. They would much rather you sign a contract, so, they arent going to give you a break on a relatively new(but obsolete) phone. It will go down though

  • Ivan

    Bell has had the old BB Pearl and Flip versions on prepaid for a while now. Also you can ask to get prepaid on a BB device… I have mine on a Pearl 3G.

  • Taylor

    Seems to me that most people who use prepaid won’t be willing to purchase a $350 Blackberry. I would imagine data is expensive on prepaid too.

  • roshelle

    people are just going to buy this when their blackberry thats already on a plan breaks

  • Justin

    soo will you be able to go on the internet and use blackberry app world?