Flipout & Curve 3G hanging out with Rogers new $40 Student plan


  • Taylor

    That’s not a bad deal at all… but how many anytime minutes are included, if any?

  • mobilewaffles

    It’s unlimited evenings and weekends, but how many day minutes?

  • Eric

    Where is “Unlimited Anytime Talking”?

  • DaRazorback

    That is the questions isn’t it Taylor. I would guess that it would be a low total, hoping that the students would primarily communicate via chat messaging and via the social networks.

  • Ronny

    Although these plans are great for students, for those of us who cannot affort to go back to school, or for anyone actually, where are the good plans???

  • Steve

    Actually the Telus Student Plan that was shown on the site looks better!

  • Chris

    Ronny… Great for students? Many students move out of town and need unlimited province wide or nationwide plans. This plan is disgustingly BAD!!!! It shows how out of tune Rogers is with what’s happening, new plans and new companies, etc…

  • Naveed

    Don’t forget the system access fee, 911 fee & govt regulatory fees.

  • Ajax

    how does this compare to the $40 plan from koodo? i know the phones from koodo are crap, but that plans seems to be better than other similarly priced plans.

  • Randy Orton

    The one from Telus is 10x better. Although for Telus you have to sign a 3 year deal, you get nation wide for 10 friends. Unlimited texting, Weekends and AFTER 6:00pm free calling (local), 200 mins, voice mail, call conference, etc.

    I think the telus one is better, and I am most probebly going to sign with Telus.

  • H

    no data ??? …lame

  • Cashinstinct

    Is it their only student plan or they have cheaper ones coming up?

    I am looking for a voice plan to use with $30 6 gigs data plan as a new customer.

    Thanks for heads up.

  • Endi

    Not as good as telus’ plan. What’s the daytime minute allowance, or where’s the voicemail? Worst of all…. you still have to add a “government regulatory recovery fee” which is probably the worst bs a wireless company can pull off. Anyways, this is better than what they generally offer, but it better not be exclusive to renewing 3-year contracts

  • Jeff

    Bell has the same plan as Telus’s, Virgin has a plan similar but their E/W starts at 7pm but I don’t think you have to do a 3yr contract whereas BEll and Telus you do. And a side note, you don’t have to be a student to get these plans, both Bell and Virgin were more than glad to sign me up for one of these but my Telus plan is too good to pass up right now.

  • AKA

    Plus government recovery fee

  • Nat

    I’m still turned of by Rogers. Don’t think this would stop me from even moving onto wind mobile.

  • David

    No data isn’t really a big deal. Like what are you going to need data for? They already give you facebook, youtube and BBM. So data is pretty useless for students.