Leaked BlackBerry 6 Developer presentation shows almost everything


  • Brian

    That was about as interesting as BlackBerry’s OS itself has been in the last two years.

    Not at all.

  • Justin Credible

    Hey RIM, PLEASE make an AWS 9800. K thx.

  • Donny

    Where is the PDF for download?

    • Gobleh

      One thing about being a Geek is that computers rule OK? my dtocor (and others) tell be Less time in front of the computer and more time exercising I’ve fixed that my Ipad now allows me to use the internet so I can keep up with all the latest news while I exercise good compromise eh?

  • Dogg64

    Sweet! At work I am our “BES / phone repair guy” – can’t wait to get my hands on some of these to try out! 🙂

  • cody

    I’ll stick with Android.

  • Don

    Why can’t I own two phones and use any one I want at will.

  • Adam

    OUUUCHH!!! Looks impressive, just make sure the phone has the power to run it, not like the first Storm which was a disaster! Could this be the death og the iPhone…which I hate!

  • Chris

    Well I have to be blunt: nothing special here. There seems to be some inconsistency in the UI but overall its just without a “wow” factor. I appreicate the facelift and some bits look like they could be more functional, but will this drive high-end device users to happiness? On the other hand, BB seldom does touchdevices. On smaller screens this will look better.

  • Gurkiran

    Anybody else catch that spelling mistake? I really hope they fix it for tomorrow.
    Third last slide, first column. University of college degree…I think they meant university or college degree…

  • Mike

    So much for ‘Not for Distribution, Shared under NDA’

  • Daniel Brotherston

    I must be reading those stats wrong, they seem to make no sense. Are they claiming that a higher percentage of feature phone users browse the internet than smartphone-non-blackberry users. That just can’t be right.