“Poynt” now available on Android devices


  • Diz

    I can’t find it on the Android Market using my Samsung Galaxy.

  • tray

    This would be nice if rogers was actually offering up to date GOOD android phones.

  • BlackXinu

    Ok that is it. I am tired of this crap. I keep reading on the internet that Rogers doesn’t offer any good android phones. This is the stupidest argument that I have ever heard and worse than that, it is one without any merit. Rogers has the X10, liquid E, and the Cliq as their new android phones. Let’s compare. Bell has the Dext, and the Legend, that’s it and don’t tell me they’re getting the galaxy because Rogers is also getting a version of the Galaxy. Telus has the Milestone, Backflip, Hero, and the Desire. The X10 is better than every phone other than the Galaxy and the Desire and with those 2 phones it is comprable. The Liquid E is a solid phone at a tremendous price and the Cliq is comprable to the Dext and Backflip. So where is this lack of any good Android phones from Rogers that everyone is talking about. It is in your heads. You may not like the X10, but that doesn’t mean it is not a decent phone. Move on to something else people.

  • DavidM

    BlackXinu, the Liquid E is a cheap, plain and simple (though perfectly suited for many uses, it’s not great in any way). The X10 does have a good camera, but the OS is out of date and it will never support multi touch. Most of Rogers devices have out of date operating systems with the inability to run many important apps. Samsung Galaxy S, Motorola X and Droid 2 are current generation of device – 45nm SOC for better performance and battery life, good all around feature set, and Android 2.2, but Rogers has not officially announced anything. Rogers claim they “love” Android and were first in Canada but they are not following through in any encouraging way. I am really disappointed with being stuck with them. People should look for what they want, not your arbitrary decision that the X10 is good enough.

  • blah

    if someone doesn’t like what Android phones are offered by Rogers or other telecoms, then please be aware that u can buy the Google Nexus One directly, and have it shipped to you, from http://www.google.com/phone. i think this _is_ the best Android phone…

  • Jonathan bailey

    In my humble opinion, Rogers has few good android phones (liquid E). And bell has few (legend, but the future is looking good). The X10 is horrible, and after actually trying it for myself, my opinion of it was even lower.

    But yes telus have the best android phones so far until bell releases the Galaxy S

  • DavidM

    Umm, blah, you don’t know the Nexus One isn’t available anymore?

    And would it really make any sense to buy a $600 device, and pay $400 in ‘subsidy fees’ on top of it?

    Until the latter goes away, the sensible market is restricted.