Rogers lowers the 3-year prices of various Android devices… and the Samsung Wave


  • Victor

    Is is difficult to unlock the Acer?

  • mkm

    Even $0 phone on a 3 year contract isn’t a deal. And it will never be.

  • Lee D.

    I’v heard that the Acer comes factory unlocked.

  • DSchragg

    I think you have the price wrong in item 3 (Samsung Galaxy $9.99)


  • schultzter

    @mkm The way plans are priced, paying full price or bringing your own phone is only for people who can’t do math!

  • Ryan

    I *really* hope this is in anticipation of the release of some new phones (ie iPhone 4, Galaxy S pleasepleaseplease?)

  • Put WIFI on all phones

    Even if the Acer comes unlocked, I doubt the Rogers employees would let you know that.

    I was at one Source store, and asked if it was possible to but the Samsung Omnia outright, so I could get it unlocked, and take it to another carrier. The sales rep informed me that they have been told not to allow customers to buy the phones without plans, but noted that he was not permitted to stop me if I pressed him (to buy it outright).

    How’s that for competition?

  • Al

    Nobody really likes contracts. I wish they would mandate that contracts can only be two years long.

  • Cadet


    the fact is… a good chunk of people nowadays can use their phones up to two years
    three years is like… FOREVER!

    i rather have them discount the price for each year

    no term: $499
    1 year : $299
    2 year : $99
    3 year : $0

    and the worst thing is
    they treat new customers relatively good but loyal customers as crap

    their theory… always can get new ones
    who cares about the old ones

  • DavidM

    Indeed, it’s pretty hard to love Rogers right now if you actually pay attention to what you’re buying. An out of date collection of handsets with no sensible choice due to the subsidy overhead and contracts.

  • Nadeem Khan

    all of the phones in the above spy shots are current and recent models, not outdated ones.
    But if you meant to say rogers has a pathetic choice from the great handsets that e.g bell and telus have, u couldn’t be more right!

  • Put WIFI on all phones

    Went to a Rogers store. The saleswoman laughed when I asked if the Acer came unlocked from the factory. Why she lying? or just misinformed?

  • Alan

    The acer is unlocked – she just is ignorant like most salespeople

  • Cebwizz

    ”Rogers President Rob Bruce stated that they have “lots of Android” products planned from HTC and Motorola also.”

    YES that’s good but WHEN”????

    Bell = Samsung Galaxy S, Telus = HTC Desire on top of the Moto Milestone ROGERS = low prices for low phones… ???????????

  • J.B.


    So the Samsung Wave came out last week at $99.99 on a 3yr contract. and now its down to $79.99 on a 3yr, in a week.

    And because Bell is already offering the Wave at $29.95 on 3yr or $299.95 to buy it outright, we should expect to see Rogers lower the price next week to $59.99, then the week after that, $39.99.


  • Canadude


    hahaha yeah, what a joke eh.

  • Android spy

    I think it is a good offer. I will recommend this to my friend because he is looking for new phone.

  • Mike

    Liquid E is unlocked… rooted mine and got Liquid Community ROM installed in 5 mins. First time Ive rooted a phone.