Bell launching Samsung Gravity Touch July 21st


  • kritzia

    this is an awesome cell phone ! IT ROCKS.

  • spinster

    How does the Gravity Touch compare with the Samsung Impact other than the fact the Impact has no QWERTY keyboard and this one does.

  • Dezzo

    I sure hope it’s better than the Impact. The Impact has one of the most basic interfaces with the least amount of customization options that I’ve ever seen on a phone.

  • Tanya

    I’m getting this phone next week from Virgin Mobile. It looks really good, but if somebody owns this phone can you tell me how it really is?

  • Thomasina

    I seen the gravity T this pass tuesday, and fell in love with it. When i seen it, i said to myself “i got to have it”… im gettin it next week for sure!

  • Stacy

    I have had this phone for 2 weeks now and really like it. You have a choice of whether you want to set it up using widgets or you can switch to another screen and use the menu with icons. I prefer the old fashion icons, but then again, I’m not using a data plan so I am not doing any web based stuff. One nice thing is that you can take your own MP3 music files and make that your ring tone, so if you don’t like the installed ones, you don’t have to go searching to download one. The games installed are only demos, but I find that they are too small to play on the phone to begin with. The one thing I don’t like is that the touch screen is a little sensitive and I end up either scrolling by what I want or the wrong app opens up. There is no way to change the sensitivity, but you can use the arrow keys to scroll through on the keyboard. The only other tiny issue is the headphones. In Canada they sell the phone with the headset (whereas in the U.S. they do not), but it’s not a regular headset jack; it’s a mini USB, so if don’t like the sound or they way it fits in your ears then too bad. Also, if it breaks, then you have to buy another set from Samsung. There is no cable to connect to the computer, however, but you can always use the MicroSD card to transfer songs & pics to and from it, unless of course you happen to have a newer computer that is Bluetooth enabled. Bottom line – I would recommend this phone.

  • Ray

    I have had nothing but issues with this phone since day 1, I cannot send texts, or they fail abd i have to keep starting my phone each time, Bell will not replace it because it is 37 days old, stay away from sim card phones.

  • natashia

    i love my phone . everything about it . i have had tons of phones in the past couple years . and nothing adds up to this phone <3 its amazing . the only down fall is that there is not alot of space to hold messages . and you have to delete inbox often . if you text alot like me . This phone is easy to use . and the touch screen is very responsive. i would defiantly recommend this for any body . especially texters.

  • Monica

    Bought this for my new Samsung UE40D6530 TV. Instructions aren’t very clear but it’s quite simple to asesmble anyway. Now I’ve mounted it onto a plasterboard wall. One of the mounting discs went straight into the stud, and the other one just went into the hollow plasterboard and I used a proper plasterboard fixing for that one. The end result is excellent and it’s rock solid. It’s been up for about a week and a half now and it’s showing no signs of weakness or anything like that, it’s still solid and holding extremely well. The TV looks so amazing when it just looks like a picture hanging on the wall. Don’t thing you’ll find anything better.