Samsung Galaxy S Pro coming to Canada soon?


  • JD Marcellin

    Well seeing as the Galaxy S Pro is 4G… i don’t think we will see that one coming to Canada, unless they make it into a 3G version..

    Otherwise, I would love to see Rogers pull out an announcement for a Captivate version of it soon… it would make my day!

  • JD Marcellin

    However, seeing that already 4-5 US carriers have picked it up, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Telus and/or Rogers will be offering it very soon, as Samsung is pushing extremely hard to sell that phone as much as possible in their effort to overtake HTC’s market shares. Here is to hoping they do keep the front facing camera though!!

  • Don

    I don’t know if I like their UI so much. I already have an iPod Touch and don’t want to see Apple’s UI anywhere else, one device is enough.

    If I could install SenseUI on it though…

    And I don’t know if I’m crazy about the querty keyboard.

  • Brian Greenberg

    While this is indeed great news, I’ve come concerned about this phone.

    The poster above already expressed my equal concern about the custom UI Samsung put on the Galaxy S.

    However, of more concern to me is Samsung’s history of providing poor updates for their devices. With gingerbread rapidly approaching, the real problem here lies in the fact that there are so many Galaxy S variants. This will make custom rom development difficult at best. Therefore our hopes of upgrading the phones ourselves are a little less guaranteed.

  • Thomas

    With custom UI’s, you can usually just turn them off by defaulting to the regular launcher.

    Here’s hoping Samsung doesn’t block that method.

  • Brian Greenberg

    That’s true, but if they’re anything like HTC, they’ve completely removed the regular launcher.

    Since Android 3.0 is gunning to remove all those 3rd party customizations, this is actually a significant issue.

  • Marc

    I can’t wait for this phone. Where updates are concerned, the Galaxy S has already been rooted so I am sure the mod community will provide owners with latest and greatest.

  • juppa

    Looks like a Samsung Galaxy S has already been rooted so there is some hope the same technique will allow rooting of our version. This looks to be an awesome phone though – not sure if any new Android phone coming up can touch the screen of the Galaxy S…

  • Stephanie Billy

    The 4g iphones are coming to Telus end of July it said on the news

  • JD Marcellin

    Iphone 4 you mean? because there is no “4G” capable iphone as of yet…

  • Labrat

    @Brian Greenberg where did you read that Android 3.0 would remove those? Did you read between the lines of the “fixing the fragmentation issue?”. Also did you just assume that Gingerbread would be 3.0?

    Also I agree the launcher is the least of your worries like @xaueious said. ADW is a great launcher.
    Most reviewer have great thing to say about TouchWiz3.0, it doesn’t look to intrusive IMO.

  • Stephanie Billy

    Sorry I meant to say iphone4.
    Doesn’t iphone4 mean 4th generation.I phones don’t have keyboards on them.Unless it’s a transformer iphone.I won’t be buying a iphone.I rather have a keyboard on a android phone so I could play quake.The Motorola Milestone and the Motorola Droid you can play quake on it.I think you can play quake on the samsung galaxy s pro too.I saw this on You
    Tube.I got this info off you tube too on one of the videos too.The quake game takes 267 mb on your sd card on your Motorola Milestone/Droid

  • JD. Marcellin

    Bell galaxy S confirmed to have front facing camera by the way..

  • Wendy

    Finally. I hope Galaxy S Pro will be on Bell too. I want that more than Galaxy S.

  • Stephanie

    What month is the Samsung Galaxy S pro coming and to which carrier.


  • Stephanie

    Let it be Telus for the Galaxy S Pro

  • Devon

    I doubt it everybody thought the evo 4g was coming her but never showed up. All the nice android phones are in the us like the droid x and droid incredible, Galaxy S Pro and evo 4g 🙁

  • Andrew

    Problem is that the Galaxy S pro only supports CDMA/4G networks.

  • Cata

    I am a lot interested about S Pro in Canada, but I don’t intend to use it with voice plans, only data (and SIP / VOIP for voice). Does anybody know if I can by the Epic 4G from Sprint and use it for data? I understood that voice will not work due to some different radio compatibilities or something like this. But on data plans (3G / 4G), is any Canadian provider compatible with Sprint 3G/4G?

  • Shaye

    Is the Galaxy Pro coming to Canada or not???