Virgin Mobile launching HTC Legend June 11th


  • DJM

    Good outright no-contract buying price.

    I might look into it for that price…

  • theninjasquad

    Actually the no contract price is kind of attractive. I wish this phone worked on Winds network.

  • Adi

    Let’s see here : same ARM11 slow a*s CPU as in the iPhone/3G and they’re selling it in a brand new device. Biggest RIP OFF ever when it comes to Android devices. Only a fool would consider buying a smart phone that not running a Cortex-A8 or better CPU.


  • Cheddar

    I’m planning on buying this phone. What do you guys think, should I get it from Bell or Virgin?

  • windblown101

    Will it be with Skype on it?

  • Don

    I love the unibody and am hitiching to get an HTC Android phone of some kind. Trying to wait for the HTC Desire.

  • Jim R

    Anyone thinking of buying this phone and using it with a different carrier, be aware that AFAIK you will not be able to unlock it. Bell does not normally make its unlock codes available to 3rd party unlockers, so you could be stuck with an expensive paper weight.

    Too bad, $350 would have been an OK price for this phone IMO.

  • caleb rans

    very attractive price at 350 outright!

  • Terry

    I’m not a Virgin Mobile customer but would like to buy one to unlock it for use on Rogers. Does the $375 no contract pricing mean that I need to be a Virgin Customer or sign up for one on a month to month?

  • Hugo B.

    @ windblown101

    No it won’t really run skype now (though skype has said it should come out this year).

    But there are alternatives to it (Nimbuzz and Fring will connect to skype and allow calls over Wifi or 3G for example).

    I’m running 2.1 on my Hero now (which is just a tad slower than the legend) and it’s definatly a smooth ride. Not a super phone like the desire or N1, but very decent.

  • Matthew Oreto

    liking the slash in BB 9700 price.

  • Plazmic Flame

    This price list says a lot about how the carriers never drop prices, ffs.

    “Blackberry 8230 – $399 – Month to Month”

    WTF? Seriously? Why don’t device depreciate?

  • Plazmic Flame

    Also, like someone said, if you’re going to unlock this, make sure you check 3rd party unlockers FIRST. Bell are real hardasses when it comes to giving out unlock codes.

  • Petra

    I’m new to Canada and definitely want the Legend, but I’m also curious: Is it better to get this phone from Virgin Mobile or Bell?


  • Dkong

    I have a piece of crap old Samsung flip phone now and am trying to decide between staying on Virgin and getting the Legend, getting the Pearl 9100 or switching to Telus and getting the Desire.

    How quickly do you think the Legend will be outdated? I like the body but am unsure about the processor etc but I’m not one that really needs the most cutting edge phone…

    Also do you think Virgin will have any lame crap on it that you can’t delete?

  • Hugo B.


    Service-wise, Bell or Virgin are the same (Bell owns virgin). Maybe there are differences for international roaming though, not sure.

    Whichever has the plan you like most… you won’t see much difference after that.

  • J-M Roubos

    “WTF? Seriously? Why don’t device depreciate?”
    @Plazmic Flame

    Palm Pre went down to $250
    Pearl went down to $250
    Pearl Flip went down to $250

    PLUS…devices are being released at much lower prices since the new carriers came online. Which is great!
    Example the Pearl was $499
    the NEW Pearl is $329

  • J-M Roubos


  • strictness

    It says here that the no contract price at $349 is identical to Bell’s pricing. I just got off the phone with Bell and they said its at $399. Can I just buy the Virgin HTC and pop a Bell SIM card into it?

  • Terry

    It’s June 11 now… Has anyone been able to pick one up yet? It’s not on their web page yet.

  • Mark

    The Legend is launching on Virgin only in select Montreal stores on the 11th. It will be available everywhere else on the 14th.

  • Howard

    I called a Virgin store in Thornhill (Toronto) and they said they have received the shipment and will be selling them around 4pm today.

  • Av

    Anyone know which Montreal Virgin stores are selling it today? I tried calling a few locations and they had no idea what I was talking about.