Proof: Virgin Mobile to release Android HTC Legend


  • theninjasquad

    I’m trying to understand what benefit there is to getting a phone like this at Virgin.

  • bobsta

    well, they run on HSPA same as bell.

    and they have some cheaper options and plans at virgin.

  • Don

    I’m waiting for the post that will tell us that the HTC Triumph is available a Telus now!!!

  • Eric

    I really want the Desire/Triumph, but the Legend is really sexy, and I already have Virgin Mobile. It’s tempting, for sure.

  • Quatchi

    Why can’t WIND get a phone like this =(

  • theninjasquad


    They aren’t really much cheaper at all once you start putting together a comparable plan to any of the big 3.

  • Jr Bishop

    how come everywhere i look up the specs on this phone it says its GSM?

    and with 3G 900/2100 bands??

  • Eric

    I’ve watched every HTC Legend video on youtube 😉 and I really want this phone now! Can’t wait for official deets from Virgin!

  • tranq

    @Jr Bishop

    It IS a GSM device, and the big news about Virgin and Bell releasing it is that it will be on 850/1900 3G bands.

  • Donald

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