RIM cracks top 5 worldwide mobile manufacturers

IDC announced their Q1 “Mobile Phone Tracker” report and it’s great to see a Canadian company crack the top 5 mobile manufacturers! They state that the “worldwide mobile phone market grew 21.7% in the first quarter of 2010 … fuelled by increased demand for converged mobile devices, more commonly known as smartphones”.

Top Five Mobile manufacturers in order of shipped devices were:
1. Nokia with 107.8 million devices (15.7% increase from Q1-2009)
2. Samsung with 64.3 million devices (40.1% increase from Q1-2009).
3. LG Electronics with 27.1 million devices shipped (19.9% increase from Q1-2009).
4. Research In Motion with 10.6 million devices shipped (45.2% increase from Q1-2009)
5. Sony Ericsson with 10.5 million devices shipped (down 27% from Q1-2009)

Kevin Restivo, senior research analyst with IDC “The entrance of RIM into the top 5 underscores the sustained smartphone growth trend that is driving the global mobile phone market recovery”.

More here at IDC