Motorola BACKFLIP now available at TELUS


  • Qball

    sweet! Now I can get rid of my diamond

  • Mathieu

    399.99$ is not very expensive for a smartphone but Android 1.5, seriously?

  • theninjasquad

    No point in getting this when it is running v1.5. There is no excuse for releasing new Android phones using that version of the OS.

  • david

    it says it’s $249.99 3 year on TELUS website..
    Backflip is more expensive than the Milestone??? WTF?? and it’s running on OS 1.5!

  • Charles in Vancouver

    Is it neutered like the AT&T version? Or can you install non-market apps and do Google searches?

  • Emily

    For people who say “no point getting this when its running Android 1.5” – this phone is meant for social networking and a fast way to communicate with friends. Android 1.5 is sufficient to do that. If you are looking for a more media richer device, then get the Motorola Milestone, which is on Android 2.1. Stop hating on the MOTOBLUR devices just because it is on Android 1.5.

  • Jim R

    @Charles – that is indeed the $64,000 question. Did Telus cripple it like AT&T did?

  • Annoying


  • Jim R

    I would say the no-contract price is decent *if* Telus hasn’t crippled/neutered/boinked the phone the way AT&T did.

  • Stephanie

    Does it play 3d games?

  • Lily

    I think some people need to do a little more research before posting comments. The Backflip has a UI ontop of the android OS and it is not compatible with 2.1 OS yet. Motorola is working on that now. Also, the Backflip is actually $49.99 on a 3yr contract which is $100 less than the Milestone.

  • chris

    can you tell me the price of the motorola backflip with out contrat please I really want one to take to another country but if its to expensive I wont be able to afford it