Contest: Win a Nokia N86 8MP!


  • Dustin


  • Chris U.

    Good luck to me!

  • Rajat Malik

    Rajat Malik

  • corey tracey

    me please!

  • Eric Hau


  • Luc Richard


  • corey tracey

    Corey Tracey

    Me please!

  • Jasprit


  • Susan

    Excellent phone! I hope I win!

  • Andrew


  • Travis Downing


  • Kyle Carruthers


  • Omar Rahoman

    Would love to win

    Omar Rahoman

  • David Harding

    David Harding

  • kyle


  • Raymond


  • Byron


  • Byron

    Byron – Yes please 🙂

  • Nicolas Trudel

    Nicolas Trudel

    great device!

  • Bryce

    Thanks Mobile Syrup

  • Peter hamilon

    My mom would love this!!

  • Brian A.

    Brian needs a new phoneeeeeeeeeeee… Thanks Mobile Syrup

  • David G


  • Shamique Ahmed

    I need a new phone

  • Alex

    Nice phone

  • Colin

    good luck peoples =D

  • Manny

    giddy up

  • Qball

    That could be a good present

  • dylan coady


  • Marcel B.

    My mother would love it!

  • Mike C

    Nokia’s are awesome

  • Hiro Miyama

    That would be cool.

  • Paul R


  • Julian Wong

    Would like to win this phone for my mom =)

  • Brigitte

    enter me please (:

  • francis

    My Mother will kiss you if I give her that phone !

    Thanks Mobile Syrup

  • Hamid Adem

    im in it to win it

  • Paul Lear

    Me, me, me.

  • Meshach David

    Meshach David.

  • Seungheon Lee

    Let me!

  • Umberto

    Thanks for the contest!

  • F. Gajtani

    i want in

  • Daniel Krueger

    Daniel Krueger

  • nick

    Nick O’Donnell

  • Justin

    Happy Mothers Day!

  • ricky

    i wanna win my mom would love it shes had the same nokia 5190 for yrs i mean yrs and still wont let go maybe this mothers day is time for a change

  • Daniel

    i seriously need a new phone 🙁

  • Fadi

    I’ll have one!

  • Richard


  • Irfan

    hope i win

  • Tim Gee

    pick me! i want to win

  • gsm


  • Otto Yiu

    Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  • Julia makkai

    Ohh yes please mama!

  • Matthew Hunter @matahtak

    Wow 8MP? Nice! Hope I win 😀

  • Sheldon Huelin


  • Zack

    Hope to win!! Happy Mothers Day!!

  • Moe

    ENTER MEE!!! mama bear needs a phone

  • Mark Latter


  • Greg L

    Fabbity new phone for mom!

  • kayla


  • fahdil

    i love mobile syrup contests

  • Sean S


  • John

    John Bowes!

  • Perry

    I already have one, lol.

  • kevin

    want want so nice

  • nakul sharma

    me want to win

  • Matthew Welch

    I’d love this to give as a mother’s day gift

  • Joanne

    Joanne 🙂 Mom could use a high tech phone 😉

  • SilenseKing


  • Marko

    Hope this one is a winner!

  • samlow


  • Kevin C

    Kevin C

    Mums would like this very much!

  • Jack Liu

    Great phone for my Mother


  • Cezar


  • Yolanda Wong

    ^^ perfectt mother’s day gift!

  • ferhan

    i wants it 🙂

  • Sebastien Lang

    The question is… Would I be able to give this away to my mom if I won?

  • Vishal Sheth

    ohhh sign me up for this! please pick me!

  • Tom Cochrane

    Tom Cochrane’s mom needs a cell phone!

  • Adam F

    I’d love to win this to replace my n82 which has fallen on very hard times 🙁

  • Melissa

    i want this phone… =P

  • Jonelle Mars

    jonelle mars

  • frank yu


  • Kelly Nguyen

    I need this phone for my mom, so that I can get a reach of her, happy mothers day mom !

  • Shirley Kieuanh

    Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

  • Raymond

    i can hear it calling to me…

  • Jordan Harris

    Jordan Harris

  • Lucas Ross

    I’m in

  • Samuel Ho

    must win this~

  • Shirley Nguyen

    Thanks Mobile Syrup! I can really use this for her birthday and mothers day present (:

  • Ryan Slavik

    My mom is already tired of a regular cellphone.. nothing says lovin like giving her a smartphone for free!

    Ryan Slavik

  • Ayaz Sethi

    YOOO…me want

  • Faiz Visram

    My mom so needs a new phone 😛

  • Amar Verma

    MobileSyrup has the best contests!!

  • Abdelaziz

    I really hope i win my old cell phone is dead and i need to save money

  • dan braun

    its mine

  • Ben Ketsa

    YAY mothers day!

  • kevin c

    Kevin C
    pick me :3

  • Ali Naddaf

    Ali Naddaf

  • jonathan weigand

    good luck everyone !

  • Rob Brown

    Wife would probably like this

  • Matthew Oreto

    Matthew. Plz and thx!

  • Alyssa

    My mom definitely needs a new phone haha

  • Tristan Walsh

    woohoo count me in.

  • Adrien Mizal

    Adrien Mizal
    Moms been using the same phone for like 10 years

  • Aaron Toth

    Aaron Toth!

  • tokyojoe


  • Kevin

    Kevin – my mom wants an iPhone but I’m sure my dad would want this.

  • Brian Tran

    Oh wow! O.O” That’s awesome!

    My mom would love this! aha finally there’s hope that she could learn to use a more moder phone !! xD

  • Adrian D.

  • Vanessa

    woot woot!

  • tokyojoe


  • Greg


  • Jake

    Jake Stromberg

  • Michael

    woot woot

  • tom

    hope i win

  • Chris Oestebo

    Chris Oestebo

    Good Luck to all who enter 🙂

  • Andrew MacLaren

    That would make a great gift

  • Arnold

    i really want it 🙁

  • Adam

    Adam needs a new phone

  • Maxwell

    Maxwell H.

  • Georgie


  • Roman

    It’d be great to win this!

  • Brandon Bosgraaf


  • Wayne Surrett

    Wayne S
    My mom will beat up your mom if I don’t win this phone. 🙂

  • Natasha Gillam

    maybe this time. fingers crossed

  • Kyle Dadgar

    Count me in, my mom would love this!!!

  • Brendon Wong

    hope i win 😀 happy mothers day mom!

  • Mason

    Me plz

  • Alex Tamayo

    looks like a good phone

  • Kevin Ringrose

    Kevin Ringrose

  • Malquin


  • Tunde O

    I could use a new camera and phone.

  • Paolo dela Cruz

    i love my mom!

  • Sumeet

    Please pick me! Thank you for hosting =D

  • Printhavan Sith


  • kaveh

    I want one

  • blackberryforever

    come on! let me win this one! I didnt win the BOLD or the Naite!


  • T


  • George s

    George s for the win

  • Alberto Foglietta


  • Rob

    Count me in!

  • Jaaved

    my mom needs a new camera

  • Emil Fernandes

    I’m in, Thanks!

  • Corey Larson


  • Aaron Chen

    I’m dying for a new cellphone

    Aaron Chen

  • Don Galido

    Don Galido

  • Tyler Becker


  • Akshdeep Bhatia

    Akshdeep Bhatia

  • Bryan Studnicki

    Nice phone…uhm…for my mom.
    -Bryan Studnicki

  • McCoy

    McCoy would like a new phone.

  • Gregory Jean

    look great

  • Tina K

    Tina K 🙂 I want to win a phone for my Mother! She needs a phone so I can call her when I want to talk to her.

  • Mithunan


  • Fuzz

    Pick Me!! It’s my turn!!!

  • Yassine R


  • Saif Rahman

    I would love a new phone

  • nivram

    marvin r

  • Mecca G.

    thx for giveaway

  • Zachary Moshonas

    Zachary Moshonas. My Mom Needs A New Phone!

  • Zahid Dhanani

    Entrant: Zahid Dhanani
    Possible prize: Nokia N86
    Reason: Mother’s Day
    Purpose: To be used as a phone

  • elqueue

    Excellent present for a mother!

  • Edson Lai

    would love to win this! 🙂

  • Tyler

    My mother would love this pleasure of having such a nice phone

  • Alex Su

    Alex Su, my great grandmother is dying I think if I told her I won a contest it’d make her happier :$ .

  • Olivier

    Thanks mom!

  • Jonathan

    W00T giveaways are awesome!
    – Jonathan

  • Rich

    me me me

  • miraldy

    good stuff!!
    nokia IS THE BEST

  • Matt R

    Ohh pick me! Lovely phone 🙂

  • Mark Tanner

    3rd time lucky

  • Matthew Homen

    Matthew homen

  • Jonathan Godfrey

    Jonathan Godfrey

  • tyler butcher

    Tyler Butcher

  • Wesley Hwang

    Wesley Hwang

  • Kevyn Chau



    MOEIZ EL-m

  • Frederick Leung

    Frederick Leung

  • Brendon

    Definitely want.

  • Hadison Yip

    Hadison Yip

  • SALI


  • Aubrey Leung

    Aubrey Leung

  • Jessica Hwang

    Jessica Hwang

  • Hicham Daou

    I always enter these contests and I never win, hope I win this time 😀

  • Eitan Kremer

    I have had my eye on this phone for a while.

  • Francis Mendoza

    Nokia N86 yheeaaaaa a

  • Philip P.


  • James Mackinnon

    Yusss, i love symbian!

  • Samuel


  • Tho Dang

    Me please!

  • Amar

    I am in

  • Ramish Syed

    I hope I win! Good luck everybody else!

  • Rich

    Would love to win this as an active poster 😀

  • Joey Floyd

    Would love this phone!

  • Steven Johansen

    I want an N86!

  • Steven Chen

    Steven Chen

  • Junaid Syed

    Junaid Syed

  • Hogan Wong

    Awesome phone, awesome mother’s day gift. I want it!

    Love the contests you guys offer!

  • Maxime Audet

    Who’s your… mother 😉

  • jordan

    i want to win this for my mom 🙂

  • Lilly Mah

    Lilly Mah

  • Alexander Tong

    I’d like to enter this contest. Thank you! 🙂

  • luke

    for my mom

  • Hector Vargas


  • Darren Humphries

    You know who should win this phone? [points at self]

  • Rodney Woods

    I hope I win this time!! 🙂 (crosses fingers)

  • Scott S

    Good luck to everyone!

  • Trevor Wilkinson

    Mum deserves this device.

  • sam

    nokia n86 that’s a phone i want

  • David Dworaczek

    David Dworaczek

    My mom would love this phone!

  • Mark

    Dang, that’s better than my camera!

  • Russell D’Cunha

    Please let me win!! 🙂

    Russell D’Cunha

  • Neeraj


  • Brades

    Todd Brady

    Thanks 😀

  • LS

    I want one

  • Ian Macklon

    yes, please.

  • Daichi Hirano

    I would love to win thiss!

  • Kelli W

    Would love to win!
    Kelli W

  • peter

    can i? please? LOL

  • Alex

    Great phone!!!

  • Paul

    Nokia N86!!! OMG 🙂

  • Dean

    My wife is a mother and she’s the one I’d give this to.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Ernest B.

    I need Blue tooth for the summer.

  • Alex

    A great phone!!!

  • Andrew O

    Please, pick me!

  • Charlie Wang

    My last Nokia cell phone was 10 years ago…

  • David Muir

    David Muir

  • Giovanni De Maglio

    ill take one please

  • Jordan Horvath

    My mom probably wouldn’t know how to use it but I would gladly keep it 😀

  • Andrew B

    Me + this phone = would rock 😀

  • Dan Whiteside

    Dan Whiteside :> :> :>

  • Boris Jankulovski

    My mother would love for me to have this!

  • Sharon S

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Mike Chiou

    WANT !!

  • Luka Damjanovic

    thats a preeeeeeeeeeettttyyy sick phone

  • Michael Boyd

    lots of contests .. I have to win this time!

  • Tian Wong

    yay! another contest!
    thank you!

  • Andrew Pettijohn

    Andrew Pettijohn

  • Ahmed A.

    Ahmed A.

  • janriel pastor

    im in need

  • Dimitry D

    I always loved Nokia’s interface.

  • Damien R.

    And I need a new phone…

  • James

    Good luck

  • Isak Ben

    Mom, if you read this the phone will come shortly!

  • Endi

    ohhh, an N series

  • Greg Byrne

    Greg Byrne

  • Matthew

    Matthew Gillis! Would love to have this phone!

  • David

    hope i win

  • Kevin V

    Count me in!

  • Dennie Nguyen

    Hope I win! My sister and I have been looking something to cheer my mother up after her divorce. Hope I can get her a cool phone! 🙂

  • Jonathan Bloom

    cool phone

  • Ian Staines


  • John MacDonald

    John needs a phone… so does his mom! =]

  • Glenn

    Pick me!

  • Jun

    Great contest XD!!!

  • Colin Price

    Colin Price,
    my mother is looking at getting this phone, and this would be an amazing surprise for her!!!!!

  • Dennis Dong


  • Daniel Khan

    yay! awesome phone, hope i win (:

  • Lindsay

    Good luck to the winner

  • Sebastien

    My mom have a really old Samsung who needs to be replaced! Thanks 😀

  • Justin B

    Come on mobile syrup I could use one of these !

  • Krista Aitken

    For my mom 🙂

  • 5Gs

    Count me in!

  • Jeremie Bouchard

    thank you !!!

  • Daniel Yen-Chiu

    *Crosses fingers* Good luck to everyone!

  • Chelsea Leung

    My mom desperately needs a phone upgrade!

  • Marissa Sam

    COOL! my mom would love to replace her 5+ year old phone!

  • Justin Ng

    Justin Ng

  • jason rottgen

    For all the times you gently picked me up,
    When I fell down,
    For all the times you tied my shoes
    And tucked me into bed,
    Or needed something
    But put me first instead.
    For everything we shared,
    The dreams, the laughter,
    And the tears,
    I love you with a “Special Love”
    That deepens every year..

    Thinking of you mom

    jason rottgen

  • Gaetan Lord

    And the winner is …

  • Derek

    N86 = Good, I like!

  • Terry D

    Good luck to me…

  • Sean Collier

    Pick me. I’m a winner!

  • david cheng

    count me in!

  • Ryan Singzon

    Ryan Singzon

  • Rouzbeh R

    I could go for a n86.

  • Chris Card

    I need a new phone too!

  • Tibor Szekszardi

    Me please!

  • Quan C

    Please and Thank you!! 😀

  • Stephan

    Do I really have to give this to my mother? Maybe after I “test” and “review” it for a long period of time haha.

  • Mark Chau

    Mark! FTW!

  • steeler2003

    A nice phone for mom on mother’s day.

  • Rémi

    I need it 😉

  • Joshua Weaver

    Joshua Weaver is my name!

  • Chris Durish


  • Jerry Ding


  • Joel K

    Wifey, Mother of my kids, needs a new cell.

  • Ben Jones

    Sure I’ll bite

  • Alain kuhn

    thanks !

  • Hardip S. Jassal


  • Angie Lin


  • Matthew Veinotte

    Would love one.

  • Gukiran

    Whoa! This is a sick phone. I hope I win!

  • danial asghar

    enter me in 🙂

  • michelle

    michelle! my mom needs a phone big time!

  • Denis M.

    Cool contest!

    – Denis M.

  • Claudiu Jernea

    count me in?
    MobileSyrup is the best!

  • Spencer

    finally a canadian phone review site! who wins? mobile syrup wins

  • James Lui

    These contests rock! Count me in for this one too!

  • oscar

    I would do anything for my Mother

  • justin

    nice thanks guys

  • Jamal martells

    Pick me!!

  • Salar Abdul-Baki

    Boy, I wouldn’t mind one of those!

  • Jason Wang


  • Kailash S.

    pick me 🙂

  • Sean Griffith


  • Peter


  • Dallas Scott

    Pick me please 🙂

  • James C.


  • bernard

    Tks for the chance to win.

  • Cindy Santos


  • William Joseph Carriere

    Willam Joseph Carriere

  • David English

    i love nokia!

  • Raymond Lee

    I really need a new phone i cant really live without text messaging

  • David Bedaweed

    David Bedaweed

  • Daniel

    Hopefully I can win this for my momma’s 20th wedding anniversary !!!

  • Chuan J. Tran

    lol i hope i win this one…

  • Kelvin

    Awesome phone for Mother’s Day.

  • Shawn

    Yes please

  • Rada Elladan

    Count me in

  • Randy

    Randy 8)

  • Rammy

    Please and thanku

  • Trevor Tindle

    need a new phone badly, mine is crap, by the way my name is Trevor Tindle

  • Irvin Moreno

    Could give it to my mom for mothers day yeah,

  • Maxime Serré

    Me please 😀

  • Janine Gabriel

    Me please!

  • alex bourgeois

    i love my mom!

  • Shawn H

    Nokia, I love you!

  • Luke Prejza

    Luke Prejza

  • Hunter weatherly

    Good luck to me I suppose. Anyways great contest !

  • Larry

    My mom would love this!

  • Penley Chan

    Enter me,Penley Chan.

  • George C.

    George C.

  • David Moore

    thanks for a great website..PLLLLLLLEASE LET ME WIN LOL

  • Derek L

    thanks mom!

  • Milon T

    Hope i win

  • Steve

    Steve Lash

  • tokyojoe


  • samsudeen naina


  • Abe Z


  • Rajan Sharma


  • Rob Heistad

    my mom needs a phone bad. she has to stand in the middle of her street to make a phone call. her current phone doesnt work in her house

  • Andrew Liu

    It would be an awesome mother’s day present.

  • Man_Alone

    I am sure my mother would like this phone a lot.

  • Jordan Hogan

    Would love to get a new phone for my mom!

  • David M

    David Moore

  • David M

    Me please 🙂

  • Raza

    I want one

  • Chris Lo

    i hope i win 🙂

  • vincent zheng

    Go canucks go!

  • Domnick

    Domnick Zmurchyk

  • Max

    Hit me baby one more time

  • yazan

    i hate this phone 🙂

    ( pick me)

  • Matthew C


  • Denny L


  • Karl

    in 🙂

  • Marvin


    Thanks for doing this 😀

  • Anuar

    i want i want i want it badly

  • Rob

    Great mother’s day gift! 😀

  • Keith Parker

    Me please 🙂

  • Peter Mak


  • Kelly Palmer

    This would make going to concerts a lot lighter! Not having to bring a phone AND camera.

  • Chris H


  • Angeline Shea


  • Robert Eddy

    pick me pls

  • CRiMiNALOGiC ®

    im down..
    hook me up mobilesyrup !!!!
    Tha Baby Momma could use a better camera on her phone


    Once again you rock MobileSyrup

    Thanks & Good Luck to all…..

    Mainly me tho


  • David Trieu

    David Trieu

  • Anish Sharma

    i want it!!! (:

  • Alan Khalil

    this is harder than the lottery
    Alan Khalil

  • Row

    Awesome phone!

  • gurjinder singh

    gurjinder singh

  • Byron

    I want it!

  • Jennifer D


  • Chris Vytasek

    8MP!!! That’s larger than my digital camera. Go me!!!

  • Aiden Cho

    Me Me Me, I want this. I want this!!!

  • Stephen Chiu

    I’m in!

  • Matt Poirier

    Nokia me please

  • Dan L

    Can’t wait to hear from you guys about my winning 😀

  • Mark

    I’ve had a prepaid flip phone for the past 2 yrs…really would love this phone for my mom so I can take her old one, which is 10x better than my flip haha.

  • Derek Hoang

    My mom needs a cellphone 🙂

  • Rene Hawkes

    I’ll try again!

  • nathan

    i really need it for my mom as currently her phone is broken

  • Karano Matthews

    Heyy , Let Me Win This Phone For My Loving Mom !!

    **Karano Matthews**

  • Denis Cho

    Me want.

  • Hasnain Zeenwala

    hasnain zeenwala

  • Mike

    Mom has no idea how to use a cell phone and never wants one. But I’ll take it!

  • Leo

    please and thanks

  • Dan


  • Z Riahi

    Count me in.

  • Rimon Moshi

    I love me a Nokia any day 🙂

  • Darron Sadaphal

    Cool phone!
    Would love to win it 🙂

  • Scott

    my mom would love it

  • Graham

    I’ve enjoyed entering this contest.

  • Tyler C

    me me me

  • Arthur Lum

    looks great!

  • Edmund Nunes


  • Jacob Schroeder

    Me me me!

  • Gilbert L

    I was thinking of buying this phone anyways! Thanks for the chance Mobilesyrup!

  • Robert

    i want win! please 😉

  • jose m.

    my mom can use a new phone

  • Johnny Tang

    Hello Nokia !

  • Chris Sosnowski

    Chris Sosnowski!

    My mom loves Nokia (has an older one 3205) and she needs an upgrade, even though this wouldnt work on telus atleast she’d have a new phone.. bout time she switches carriers!)
    PS: is this wind compatible?!

  • AJ Pau

    @Kardboard has entered! 😀

  • Ralph Yu

    give me give me give me!!!!!

  • Marlon Caringal

    when are you giving an iphone?

  • Shanaka Fernando

    God please..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maryse Laberge

    Yahoo , million thanks

  • Albert

    Its …. for my mom 😛

  • Alexandre St-Pierre

    Want it!

  • xoiea


  • ashton

    Ashton here!
    Guess my mom needs a new phone,..

  • Michael

    Count me in, I love N-Series phones

  • Aidan Marsh

    I hope I win! This’ll be a great present!

  • Nicole Morrison

    Nicole Morrison. I have someone who deserves this 🙂

  • Will

    love Nokia! 🙂

  • Alexander Ambulance

    Lol my mom’s razr 2 is in the verge of death.
    I’ll take it for her!

  • Matt C

    yes please

  • Sam L

    Sam L

  • Lisa D’Ugo

    Would love to win this! It would be really great!

  • Anthony

    Count me in please!

  • Nelson M

    me me me

  • Antoine Genest-Grégoire

    Bring it on.

  • Brent Slade

    Brent Slade

  • Steve

    I need a new phone ASAP!

  • Gennady

    cool phone

  • Sandy

    Great contest! Thank you!

  • Anojaan Lokanathan

    another opportunity…nice

  • Justin Bradley

    Me plz?!

  • robert


  • Erwin

    Erwin Sprangers

  • tom vallee


  • sylvie gagné

    want it

  • tanya beliveau

    give it to me

  • jp marcoux

    jp marcoux

  • christine vallee

    give it to me

  • andre vallee

    will give it to my wife

  • cts-tom


  • Suzette M.

    Count me in, please!

  • Rob Fallone

    I’d love to win this. Rob Fallone

  • Gideon Dante

    You guys rock! Thanks for the great contest.

  • David Johnson

    Hope I can win this one.

  • Bryan

    sweet phone, enter me!

  • Scott E

    I’m in!

  • Wes Virtue

    wes here looking forward to winning a Knok eee aa phone.

  • Orell Henthorn

    orell say I would like a new phone


    Good luck to me!

  • Arsh

    i ll take it.

  • Maxime Ch.

    i’d love one 🙂 i’ll win hihi

  • Chris Kitchen

    Chris Kitchen

  • Kenneth Davidson

    I am in

  • Lance Rose

    Pick me

  • Darryl Parker

    Symbian FTW!

  • Josh M

    whoop whoop nokia is like the best phone out there

  • Derrick Matkar

    Derrick M.

  • Edward Frimmel

    Me Me Me… 🙂

  • Jeff

    Would be nice

  • M J

    Myk Jemetz

  • Debra B

    would love to win!

  • Hyder A.

    I like this one!

  • Michael P

    Pick me Pick me!

  • Kyron John

    Mom would love it if I won this. Actually, I don’t think she would care. Pick me anyway!

  • Denise Gagnon

    Denise Gagnon

  • jayer

    Nice phone. Hope to win!

  • Dennis Jiang

    Hope it’s me!

  • phil

    I like it. Thanks.

  • Paul Grzybowski

    Thanks. Hope I win.

  • Adwin L


  • Saif

    Yes Please!!

  • Malek

    Me Plzzzzzzzz

  • Dylan Healy


  • David Thacker

    David Thacker

  • burke

    This is great. Count me in.

  • tomas

    pls pick me!

  • tomas

    pls pick me.

  • Simon Maltais

    I’d love one!!

  • tony brar

    pick me pls, i need a new phone and new provider.

  • Jack

    Fantastic. Pls let it be me.

  • Darryl

    Darryl Darryl

  • jackson

    hope this time i win.

  • Bruce Pretty


  • John T

    My mom doesn’t even have a phone! I have a SIM card for her though, so pick me!!!

  • ralph


  • ben

    Superb giveaway. I hope i’m lucky.

  • andy

    this is so cool. thanks!

  • Adil


  • Cynicism

    How about me this time around?



  • Tim Turcotte

    Sounds great!

  • Carol Say

    That’s great!

  • Paul

    MobileSyrup rocks da house!

  • Jonathan Gingras

    Jonathan Gingras

  • barry

    awesome prize!

  • barry

    awesome prize. thanks

  • Francis Tatasciore

    May 5th is my b-day!!

  • Blair Olynyk


  • Steven

    Excellent gift for mom

  • William Reeves

    William Reeves

  • Chris K

    sign me up

  • Michael

    My mom’s birthday is coming up in May, so I hope to win this for her.

  • Pawan Jain

    Enter me in the contest, please.

  • Richard.atienza

    N86 awesome

  • Chris Cicconi

    Phone please?
    Thanks you?

  • Wes Hoover

    yes i would like to win

  • Nadeem Khan

    Enter my name please.
    Good luck everyone!

  • Joyce

    Thanks for yet another contest!

  • Brad

    I want to participate.

  • rick

    my mom needs a phone!

  • marc-andre taillefer

    Thank you ! Good luck everyone !

  • lars

    trying my luck here.

  • lars

    tryin my luck

  • Clayton Hannah

    Clayton Hannah

  • Jon

    A perfect Mother’s day gift for my mom.

  • Freddy

    Sweet contest. Hope to win.

  • M McClory


  • Marco

    Bring it!!! Marco Z

  • roland

    My entry for the contest.

  • Bill N

    Just send it to me already!

  • peck

    i will try to win

  • robert

    great giveaway!

  • gary


  • Rick Ramalho


  • Jack Davis

    I am still using my old Razr!
    Great camera @ 8mp, FM radio, and up to 16gb storage.
    What more could I ask for?

  • jason

    my mom deserves a new phone like this!!

  • Michael S


  • mark

    Thanks for the opportunity

  • Joseph Rizzuto


  • vijay

    I’m buying my mom a new phone whether i win this or not.

  • Monica Parlee

    My mom is no longer here…but, I’m a mom of two and I would love, love, love to win this sweet prize!!



  • vincent

    Happy to win this for mom.

  • Connor B


  • Pawan Jain

    Pawan Jain

  • Poonam Jain

    Poonam Jain

  • Varun Jain

    Varun Jain

  • david baxter


  • N. Syed

    I hope I win!

  • Nicole Chouinard

    Nice contest !

  • gismo08

    Thanks for the opportunity

  • franz

    I know my mom would be happy if i won this for her.

  • Brad Mol

    I’m in.

  • matthew young

    Sweet contest

  • Anthony Batler

    My mother would love this phone. Please pick me so i can make her Mother’s day really special.

    Thank you

  • Betty

    Love to win this little beaut.

  • nicholas botulenko

    nicholas botulenko

    i would love this

  • Keyvan Eslami

    I’d like one! thanks 🙂

  • Scott Hayes

    Good luck to all!

  • Jean-Michel Desrosiers

    Jean-Michel Desrosiers

  • julien lemay

    I won’t win

  • Jay

    I’m in.

  • Tina Lagrotteria

    I like the prize, and I’d love to be the winner!

  • Alisdair Archibald

    Al Archibald

  • lester

    cools present to give my mom

  • dieter

    Thanks i’m in to win.

  • Aadil


  • stefan

    Very nice contest. hope i’m lucky.

  • james

    Want to win this phone.

  • Alekdander Kot

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  • roy

    I’m game for this contest.

  • pete

    Count me in the draw.

  • Steve Geyer

    I would love to win it!

  • O Ferrer Hernandez

    O Ferrer Hernandez

  • Herman Ho

    Great present for Mom!

  • Alan Leung

    I need a phone so bad.

  • Tom Whitney

    Tom Whitney

  • Adrian D

    Adrian Delumen! Count me in!

  • Jan

    Jan 😀

  • Sidra bukhari

    Im in 🙂

  • Dmitri Kondratev

    yes please

  • Shawn

    crosses fingers

  • Umer


  • Ali Hussain

    Ali Hussain

  • Alex T.

    Good luck!

  • Anthony Costa

    I’ll take it off your hands

  • Muneer Dawood


  • Myra C

    Count me in to win !

  • Josie

    I’d love to give this to my mom for mother’s day!

  • Brian

    I,m in

  • Natale

    Count me in !!

  • Sher

    Would be a great gift for my son!

  • Aj


  • Lynda Larsen-Baldry

    I’m a mother and I need a phone as both my husband and daughter have one and I don’t !!!

  • Patrick McQueen

    I love Nokia. It is my best friend.

  • Tyler M

    How about my wife? This is the phone I am going to get her for our anniversary! If I win this phone, that would be great!

  • Dillon


  • jerome gonsalves

    i wanna win!

  • Jason Braga

    Count me in.

    Jason Braga

  • cc

    My Mother would love this!

  • Chris Marle

    Hey! Nice phone and giveaway!

  • Donna M

    i want to win.

  • tahir

    good phone………….

  • phuzzykiller

    Great mother’s day gift!!

    Braden Klassen

  • andrew athanasopoulos

    count me in as well… sick phone

  • Wanda

    Would love this!

  • Tuan

    Pick Me PLEASE

  • Tim G.

    Mobilesyrup, You guys rock! 🙂

  • Ida Rodsand

    Pick me pick me pick me!!

  • Swee

    My mother would love this

  • Gabor Jozsa

    me too, me too

  • Eugene Otsuka

    me, me, me, me!

  • Perry

    Pretty please!

  • Azfar Gill

    So many other people :O

  • Sameer Jivraj

    hope i win

  • Jennifer Rice

    Wow! I could really use this.

  • Thao Chung

    I want to win it!!!!

  • Jackie Tomyn


  • Terry D

    good luck to myself!!!

  • Evan Krosney

    Evan Krosney

    I hope that I win! I’ll actually give it to my mother! She needs a new phone.

  • benjamin


  • Sid

    please ans thank yous

  • Robert Mesina

    Robert Mesina

  • Kurtis Kindrakewich

    great looking phone!

  • Willliam Paskiewich


  • Nicolas Andrade

    mom really needs a phone 🙂

  • James

    I love my mom

  • Dianne Stephens

    I am a mom and would like this for Mother’s Day.

  • Raymond Shiao


  • Dwayne Carnochan

    This would make a great mother’s day gift for dad!

  • Howard


  • Caleb Rans

    count me in

  • Bhupinder Deogun


  • Gord Slater

    Gord Slater

  • Mark Supierz

    Mark my name Mark!

  • Joseph Bae

    Joseph Bae


    Summer Plewes

    Great contest! Thank you!

  • Claudiu Corbea

    Long Shot….


    ALWAYS # 1

  • Scott Reeve

    Scott Reeve


    we always “Trust” NOKIA

  • Candice

    Candice 🙂

  • Alex Rosa

    Good Luck all 🙂

    -Alex Rosa

  • v dub

    send it over here

  • Josh R


  • Fay Hayes

    Spread the love!

  • Andy

    i want to win please

  • Greg Prather

    Looks good.

  • Deka Mohamed

    Ooh… mom would love this for mother’s day

  • suzanne giroux

    Awesome prize.

  • chantelle vandenberg

    Love to win this for my mom.

  • Ivan Petrov

    Ivan Petrov

  • Carson Ma


  • Michael G.

    I got this one!

  • Al


  • Stephen Tiffney

    What a great offer.. thanks.

  • Elaine Miller

    love it

  • Edwin

    Hope I get this :p

  • Farhan Aslam

    Farhan Aslam

  • Tanya

    Tanya wants to win this

  • Muneeb Syed

    i love my mom hope to be picked she dosent have a phone but i know she needs one

  • Truman Wong

    Truman Wong – thanks much!

  • Avril

    Love it!

  • tyson


  • Ken

    wow nice phone

  • Varun Gupta

    Varun Gupta

  • Elliot


  • Bill Papadatos

    Thank you.

  • Sukh Singh

    I’m in.

  • Gurneet

    hopefullly i win

  • Taylor Munroe

    My mom has one off thoise really old phone from like 190 somthing no camera or nothing just a flip really just made for calling it would be great to win her a new phone thanks

  • Alexander Bertrand

    LEts do it!

  • debfong

    Wow – Great

  • Chris Balette

    nice phone

  • Craig

    I can’t lie. My Mom wouldn’t have a clue with this phone. So I’d have to give her my old candybar phone. I’m sure she’d understand … 😉

  • Eric Tam

    Good luck ya’ll

  • Joshua Lenon

    I’d would like to try this phone. Still have not found the perfect phone since my move to Canada. (Palm Pre in the States won hands down.)

  • Pascal Gilbert

    Pascal Gilbert

  • rick best

    my gf would love a new phone she just cancelled her telus plan and cant afford to get one (going to school and her ex doesnt pay child support)

  • Dave Cooke

    Gotta have it.

  • David Evans

    David Evans

  • harry tugender

    hope I win

  • Dipak Mistry

    thank you

  • Dipak Mistry

    thanks !

  • larry hill

    nice free camero lol

  • Gussy

    Looks nice.

  • Jessica Y.

    Jessica Y.

  • Matt Waechter

    Matt Waechter

  • Nic


  • Lawrence Kong

    Lawrence Kong

  • Helen W

    wow- great contest

  • Katelyn

    I’d love this win

  • Kelly W

    here’s hoping- thanks!

  • Patricia F

    I’d love this! Thanks for the chance

  • Fab


  • Irene

    Great contest!

  • David

    Would love to win this!

  • Ranbir

    Let me win.

  • Burton

    I’m in!

  • Jerry J

    Count me in!

  • Bob

    Phew! Just made it!

  • Giovanni

    1 person but there are already thousands of comments.. Chances are pretty slim.

  • Vikesh Patel

    im in for it!


    GEORGY BAZHENOV please thanx

  • Dale


  • Raymond Phung

    Raymond Phung

  • Vinny


  • Johnson Tran

    How do you guys get so many phones!?
    The contests really keep MobileSyrup on the brain.

  • Daniel Craig

    Daniel Craig is in…

  • Sean Singh

    Sean Singh

  • Jon cox

    Jon Cox

  • Heather Garland

    Awesome contest! This would be perfect for my Mom!

  • Marie-France Chalifoux

    Very nice!

  • X-tine

    Pick my Mom!

  • Liam

    Looks VERY nice!

  • Mark Iversen

    Mark Iversen.
    Always a fan of Nokia.

  • Devin McLeod


  • Brent Savard

    happy mothers day Ma

  • Gab M

    Yo Pick meeeeeeeeee

  • Krystal L

    enter me please!

  • Andrew Stilwell

    Please please please!

  • sultan

    awesome phone

  • sultan

    nokia rocks the best company ever

  • r singh

    O please let me win it !

  • Reza Andalib


  • Rick Low

    Mom needs a camera phone!

  • Phil P


  • Ryan!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Daniel Lui

    Hope I win. The chances are fairly slim though since there’s already so many entries before mine but it’s worth a try.

  • Khanh Phan

    yes, another chance for a free phone :).

  • GP

    Yes Please – that is a sweet phone.

  • harjinder singh

    I like nokia phones

  • nicholas aleksejev

    please please me

  • Naveen Sidhu

    I hope i win!

  • pete mj

    luv to get one

  • Peter

    Come to papa.

  • Earl Moravek

    Would be great to upgrade my n95 and pass it along in the family. We really could use another phone.

  • Jasmine

    I want this! thaaanks <3

  • David Leung

    David Leung

  • David Leung

    me please!

  • Jen S.

    Sweet phone – thank you!!

  • Christopher Keetch

    Wow I think my mom would love this phone. Anything to replace that old silvery flip thing she still uses.

  • Armiya Ibrahim

    I love this phone I hope I win!!!!!

  • Jalal Kassef

    thank you, !!!

  • Leo

    Sign me up please

  • Adam bridge

    Please let me win this phone!

  • Patricia lochwin

    I really need this phone!

  • Adam

    I wish I could win

  • Pardeep

    Nice phone!
    Would be perfect for my mommy!

  • Johnny Nguyen

    Lucky one?

  • Steven S

    This would make a great phone for taking photos on mothers day

  • Will Pardoe

    Will Pardoe

  • Kim Whiteside

    Kim Whiteside 🙂 🙂

  • Daley

    It would be great.

  • Erik Berkun-Drevnig

    Erik Berkun-Drevnig

  • Nancy

    Here goes!!!

  • JB

    yes please

  • Antonio

    Signin up!! Antonio here!!

  • Cliff

    Cliff Mark

  • Simmon Li


  • Tyler M.

    Looks nice

  • William Castillo

    Can i win!!!! please!!!!!

  • Mark Hebert

    Great phone! hope to win!

  • Chris O.

    Love the contests, keep them up!

  • Spencer Alderson


    spencer alderson

  • Segun

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to enter this contest.

  • Andrew

    Please add me to the list for the contest!

  • Jody

    Yes please!

  • Stuart Steventon

    My Mother would love this phone, her current one is this old POS dumb phone that has no battery life.

  • Leanne T

    I’m a mommy, I wanna win!!!

  • Tim Y


  • André G.

    André Goyette.

    Nice contest. ^^

  • Trevor

    Sign me up! 🙂

  • Sunil Kurian

    would love to win

  • yves plourde

    would love to win for mother day

  • C Hynes

    count me in

  • Andrew

    I’m in!

  • Jonathan Fingas

    It’s been awhile since I’ve used Symbian — I’d like to give it another try!

    Jonathan Fingas

  • Mane

    Would be a great gift!

  • don springer


  • sam


  • Lou Azolli

    I like the N86, but nit Rogers!!!

  • Dylan Beechey

    me please

  • B. Hum

    pick me.


    thanks for this opportunity.

  • Clement

    O.o pretty phone

  • Tony Y.


  • jack portland

    I hope I get it, finger crossed.

  • Olubukola

    My family loves nokia phones. This is a great prize!

  • Marisa Flores

    Marisa Flores

  • Erik C. Garneau

    How is a winner selected? Pick me? Thank you!

  • Kathryn


  • Wade

    It would be great to win this great mobile!

  • jdkurk


  • David Brideau

    Here’s my entry! Pick me! ooh! Ooh! pick me!

  • Angelo Cerase

    Angelo Cerase

  • Matthew Ainsworth

    Yes please – my mother needs a cell phone!

  • Houman Eftekahr

    Houman hopes to win !!!

  • Lawrence Lee

    Count me in!

  • Lawrence Chan

    My mom is awesome! I love my mom!

  • Trevor Lubinski

    Ohh it would be nice!

  • BIll

    PICK ME…. PICK ME…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Leif

    If I don’t win that phone, I’ll have to use the one I’ve got now!

  • Jih

    Winner? 🙂

  • Mark in Toronto

    I’d love to win this. My mother uses an ancient Samsung flip phone when she goes shopping.

  • Vincent Chau

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there!

  • Simon Thai

    Simon Thai

  • Suleman Waheed

    Suleman Waheed

  • bj

    The wife would love a replacement for her aging Razor

  • Samuel Mak

    Here’s hoping. Happy mother’s day!

  • vinh

    me me me…

  • Jeff Yu

    Happy mother’s day! My mom would love the high end camera phone!

  • samantha denham

    I’d love to get rid of my horrible phone and get this one!

  • Schyler


  • Stephanie

    Love to win it, thanks so much.

  • Alex Chen

    Alex Chen

  • Chris Smith

    My mom needs a new phone! Great giveaway.

  • Abu Nomani

    Just like this.

  • Josh Leclerc

    Josh Leclerc

  • Justin

    Justin Balcom

  • Muhammad

    I’m in!

  • Kenya Cranston

    Kenya Cranston

  • Kenya Cranston

    Kenya Cranston
    *fingers crossed*

  • David James

    This would be a good change for my mom

  • Kenya Cranston

    Kenya Cranston
    ‘fingers crossed’

  • Henry Kang

    Great present for my mom on mothers day

  • Jack Davis

    Soon these phones will bwe making supper for us too!
    This is an awesome phone.

  • Edima

    Love you mum

  • Jeremy Norel

    This would be great for my mom, because I will be spending at least the warranty period teaching her how to use it 😀

  • Wajeeh Cheema

    Would love to win this!

  • Karry Knisley

    Awesome phone.

  • Sanket Sutaria

    me too!

  • Ricky

    me me!

  • Tracey Cook

    This would be a great win since my phone went missing =(

  • Don’t take my information

    and use it for illegal purposes.

  • Kevin Leung

    I’m in!

  • Elaine

    I always need new technology. Please make them water proof.

  • Dennis

    I really need one of these.

  • Colin

    Pop it in the mail and I’ll be sure to get it!

  • Denise

    It won’t go to waste around here. We share everything with family.

  • Laura

    I do long commutes.

  • Akash


  • Andrew Wells


  • wawazat


  • ed yong

    I like!

  • David Barisonni

    Hey, we never know!!!

    David here –

  • Catherine

    WOULD LOVE TO WIN THIS – my phone is dying……………..

  • Johanne Beaulieu

    Would be nice to win! Thanks for being there! I always check with you before I buy a phone. Johanne 😉

  • rolf paloheimo

    yes please, my mom would love one.

  • Maggi Tebechrani

    Maggi Tebechrani

  • stugots

    In for a chance

  • Aroan

    me win !

  • Meraj Afshord

    THANK YOU !!

  • Anthony K

    Check your site all the time! It’d be awesome if I win, thanks a lot

  • Anthony


    I’d be down for this!

  • christine

    i hope i win !! :]

  • Demaine Reid-Lecky

    Demaine Reid-Lecky

  • Marcus P

    1 in 1000 shot at winning, but it’s better than 0 in 1000!

  • Byron H



  • David


  • Shawn


  • Jeff King


  • Omar Nur

    Omar Nur


  • Sol R

    nice phone

  • Edward Y.

    Please and thank you

  • Shannon M.

    Hook me up!

  • Thomas Larouche

    Happy Mothers Day!

  • Victor Genova

    Seriously, I need one! : )

  • Chris

    Just added to my favourites! Woohoo to prizes!!

  • Evan W

    mind as well try!

  • Brooke Bourgeois

    Brooke Bourgeois 🙂

  • Sherman Lo

    free loot

  • Matt Norman

    Hey I’d love to get my hands on this phone!

  • Enrique Radillo

    I’d love to win this phone for my wife on Mother’s day 🙂

  • Terry Hamilton

    What nice little phone! ME ME! 😛

  • Betty

    I would love to win this. Thanks for the contest

  • Maxime Pare

    Maxime Pare

  • Mathieu

    My mom needs a phone so bad….

  • Bob Gadsby

    If my mother were alive, she would want me to win the phone.

  • Serge wants the phone.


  • Kirsten Martinez

    Kirsten Martinez

  • rjaxin


  • Stuart Ure


  • Myra M

    Please let me be the winner!

  • Micheal

    Good luck to everyone

  • Liam

    Hi, MOM!

  • Steph C.


  • Anh-Tu

    Happy mother’s day everyone!

  • Aman Singh

    Aman wants to winnnn!!!

  • Chris

    Nokia, pick me ah!

  • Melanie

    It will be a Happy Mother’s Day

  • Matt Tracy

    It would be wonderful if I won this for my wife for Mother’s Day!

  • Mark


  • Adam P

    Nice phone, thanks for the draw!

  • Scott E

    Count me in!

  • Andrew Duong

    I could always use a new phone:) pleaseee

  • C. Sarich

    Mom would love the 8MP camera!

  • Lisa Balzer


  • Justin Credible

    Justin. Fashionably late.

  • Jeeverz

    Mom would love a new phone to replace her Samsung A436

  • Greg D.

    Greg D. (: