Google updates Nexus One compatibility to work on TELUS & Bell


  • Puleen Patel

    If you were to ask Rogers for the official APN settings which you can set in the Nexus One, the response you will get is to get those from Google. Oddly the APN settings for Rogers don’t seem to be Rogers’ responsibility.

    Bell on the other hand provides the APN settings on their website for anyone to bring their own unlocked phone.

    Tested my Nexus One with both Rogers and Bell and works great on both. Looking for a Telus SIM card to try it on to verify. May go to the Wind store over the weekend to see if it works on their network as well.


  • Daley

    If your Nexus One works with Rogers and Bell then it won’t on Wind Home.

    It might (if Wind is letting people roam again) on Wind Away but that is Rogers 2G.

  • Gary

    I spoke with a Rogers tech support guy, and he handed me the APN settings for my unlocked Milestone without any issues. I’m surprised they would give you any issues…

    Google should have a warning on their site though, that the Nexus One will work on Telus/Bell, but NOT in Manitoba and Saskatchewan as they don’t have HSPA there at this time.

    • Ajay

      i have the same problem but my my phone was hgoubt as a present and i dont know what to do some times when i take off the battery and put it back its works but i dont know where to sent to get it fixed

  • JPTN

    The Rogers/Bell/Telus version won’t work on WIND’s network. WIND uses Band IV (1,700 Mhz).

    That’s why there are two versions on the Google Nexus One website. WIND uses the same frequency as T-Mobile.

  • azmi hassan

    hi Puleen Patel what’s the Bell APN
    you tested on bell the 3g works well ? is it fast

  • Ted Avery

    Your title is very misleading. Google didn’t update the compatibility of the phone at all, it was always compatible with Telus and Bell. They are simply stating that on the website now.

  • Ted Avery

    Sorry, not “always compatible”, I meant Bell and Telus were compatible since Rogers was as well, it’s the same HSPA technology.

  • Robert Matz

    I went with Telus on my N1… works fine here in Ottawa.

  • Shayne

    I setup separate APN’s for data and MMS. Now on my N1 under the notifications bar it shows


    Can these APN’s be combined into one?

  • CRiMiNALOGiC ®

    @ puleen patel, Rogers Reps “As most others” are just i****s.. its there jpb to provide you those settings..
    Fido & Rogers anounced to there employees that customers should be refered to google for support as it is treated as any other unlocked phone..
    But it average pollicy or just commin sence for them to provide you THERE internet/MMS settings..
    Does not suprize me they would refer you to google for There information..
    im shure they would transfer billing questions/disputes to manufacturers if they could LMAO

  • Andrew

    Does anyone know if the NEXUS ONE keyboard goes into landscape mode?

    Haven’t seen a review that mentions the keyboard toggling.