Motorola files patent to expand screen size using multiple displays

Motorola is looking into the future and sees more people watching movies/video on their devices. They have filed a patent called “Reconfigurable Multiple-Screen Display” that allows you to combine several screens together to make a bigger screen.

The patent description reads: “A device comprises a display arrangement which includes a plurality of displays that are movable relative to each other such that a plurality of display configurations can be achieved. Each of the display configurations provides a combined display area which is different for at least two of the display configurations. An application processor is operable to execute a plurality of user applications, each of which can provide a display output.”

It will be interesting to see if this ever comes to fruition. Wonder what it would look like when all the devices are connected to each other and if there will be a disruption of the actual screen. Would be cool to have a big screen, but a bit odd to have an actual space between the screen.

Check out the patent here
Via: GoRumours