Rogers International pay-per-use text messages going up by $0.10 May 4th


  • Braden Klassen

    forget getting a bundle with Rogers and just go with Wind. Rogers lost my support a looong time ago with the way they treat their customers.

  • Hub

    The cost goes down, the charge goes up. Don’t anyone see a pattern? FWIW, the EU ordered carrier in Europe to lower the prices. What is the CRTC doing? I guess: nothing.

  • Alex

    Does this mean I can cancel my contract without penalty?

  • Jim R

    My goodness, it’s only a 40% increase in price. And it does use an awful lot of resources to send those massive 140 character messages – stop whining (and bend over … again).

  • Pederson

    While I don’t often defend the carrier, I do know anything that deals with other carriers means they’re (the foreign carrier) just as much, if not more involved in decisions like that. We don’t really know, but none the less, shitty.

    Not to mention I could bet most if not all of everyone here don’t have ppu texts and still regularly text outside of can/usa. That’s just weird to begin with.