Zoompass app gets permanent place on TELUS BlackBerry devices

Over the past several months we’ve spoken about Zoompass a number of times, this is the joint venture between Rogers, Bell and TELUS that is Canada’s first mobile payment service and allows customers to send, receive and request money, check account balance, review transactions all by using your mobile device. There is no cost to register but you’ll have to pay to use the service… $0.50 charge send money and withdraw funds to a bank account and a $10 will be charged for any insufficient funds.

If you’re a TELUS client you might have noticed a “Zoompass” icon on your BlackBerry device, if not it’ll appear over the next few days. According to the company blog: “We’ve been working hard with our carrier partners over the last few months on the next evolution of Zoompass: bringing it to consumers across Canada. TELUS BlackBerry users will be able to link to download the application by clicking on the Zoompass icon on their homescreen.”

Since this is a joint venture between the 3 carriers (and their sub brands) you can expect to see this icon to be on every device that you’ll eventually purchase. Mobile banking will hit it big this year and this is one of many first steps.

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