Zoompass app gets permanent place on TELUS BlackBerry devices


  • schultzter

    I have no idea who Zoompass could appeal to – besides those collecting the transaction fee!

  • Dave

    the cost of the service is pretty high for the convenience. I see very little value in this service, banking internet costs are a fraction of a penny.

  • NickG

    This some sort of collaborative effort to make up for the ‘removed’ system access fees? $0.50 each transaction, and $10 deducted if insufficieny funds?

    Its not much but sure adds up if these fees are split between carrier and Zoompass…

    No thanks.

  • bongsniffer

    This is clearly a Carrier mentality…force it down their throats and they are bound to use it…

    The business model makes very little sense in Canada, this would be beneficial in an economic platform like South America where access to an ABM of funds in general is not as accessible.

    Remember the key element to this product is “its funded by the big 3”

  • bongsniffer

    And i forgot to add, that most Canadian banks are launching their own apps for different mobile platforms this year. I believe CIBC has launched for the dreaded iphone. guess what it cost per transaction?!?!??! exactly!

  • toyandme

    File under Overpriced Cure for which there is no known disease.