WIND claims their plans save you $2,193 over 3-years

WIND is gearing up to go live in Edmonton and Ottawa by the end of this month (then Vancouver). They are already active in both Toronto and Calgary with well over 12,000 subscribers. It’s also well known that they have a goal of attracting 1.5 million subscribers within 3-years. Wind has made public a rate chart that compares their plans to a “Most Comparable Competitor”. You’ll see below their “Always Shout” plan could save you up to a whopping $2,193 over 3-years. In addition, their “Wind Chat” states savings of up to $410. It looks like a fair comparison and would explain why most Canadian carriers are dropping the rate plans.

At the bottom they do have some fine print though. It says “Our lawyers made us say this…Savings calculated based on fixed monthly fees and handsets, which exclude any long distance, roaming, taxes, additional features and extra charges for use outside the plan that are applicable to both plans. Comparison assuming no additional offers, handset exchanges, promotions or redemption of retention credits over 3-year period. Actual savings depend on plan chosen and usage pattern. Handset usage in the U.S. currently unavailable for WIND. Information is correct as of February 2, 2010.”

So check them out below… let us know your thoughts: