Worldwide mobile phone market grew 11.3% in Q4 2009

IDC has released their findings for the worldwide “Mobile Phone Tracker” and found that it grew 11.3% in Q4 2009. In total manufacturers shipped 325.3 million units in 4Q09 (in Q4 2008 the number was at 292.4 million units). Even though the numbers was strong, it was actually down 5.2% when the entire 2009 year is factored in: 1.13 billion devices were shipped in 2009 compared to 1.19 billion devices shipped in 2008.

Kevin Restivo, senior research analyst with IDC’s Mobile Phone Tracker said “The mobile phone market has rebounded in dramatic fashion. The Asia/Pacific region and the United States were primarily responsible for pushing the market back into growth territory. Overall, vendors offered a wide array of converged mobile devices (smartphones) and messaging devices in the seasonally strong fourth quarter, to take advantage of increased user demand.”

There were no specific results in the release when it comes to Canada, but IDC stated “In Canada, mobile phone shipment volumes were buoyed by the introduction of a new wireless network, which increased the demand for smartphones, particularly the Apple iPhone.”

The top mobile manufacturers in order are Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson and Motorola.
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