WIND looks for feedback… admits “We had a lot go wrong in our first few days”

WIND Mobile launched last week in both Toronto and Calgary. We’ve heard that people embraced the new carrier, purchased devices and plans but no numbers of the first days have been announced.

An interesting post by CCO Chris Robbins was posted on their site that’s titled “Some Great Conversations!”. The basis around it how they’re looking for feedback to improve on some early “challenges” they faced the first few days.

Robbins states “We launched five days after getting the “green light”, so we were rushing. There are things like number porting and domestic roaming which required the cooperation of other wireless “partners”. We couldn’t expect our partners to be as motivated as we were, so some of those things are just getting fixed now… And a lot of the negative comments we’ve received through the WIND community, our stores and our care centre are justified. We had a lot go wrong in our first few days of operation. On launch day for example, almost everything that could fail, did fail. We’ve since recovered from some of those missteps, but for all of you who were impacted…who stood in long lines, or had to pay in cash, or got conflicting answers from different WIND people, I apologize and take responsibility.”

Ever since Globalive/Wind entered the wireless game in Canada they’ve always been upfront and very open with what they are working on. Either through the Wireless Soapbox or on the Wind website. They build the trust of Canadians, got them to express their pent up anger with the incumbent carriers as the above statement reads admitted they are not perfect and will keep working to please every one of their customers. Admitting errors is a noble move, especially early on.

However, most of the frustration with WIND to date is their HOME and AWAY zones. Since they do not have many cell towers they have to rely on the Rogers roaming agreement to service anything outside their area. Robbins said “Now I’m subjective (obviously), but even with that, I’ll be the first to admit that if you don’t live or work inside a WIND HOME Zone (essentially the GTA and Calgary right now, and Edmonton, Ottawa and Vancouver in early 2010), our plans don’t make sense for you. You’ll get a better price from the incumbents for your “normal” use because most of your calling (incoming and outgoing) won’t be long distance. I’d like to make everyone happy, but that’s just the reality of our offer.”

Even CEO Ken Campbell wrote today that “Clearly, this is a journey. We are constantly working to improve our offer.” Do you like what WIND has to offer? Their price plans? Coverage? Devices? Philosophy?

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