UPDATE: Public Mobile launching “first half of 2010”

We just received an e-mail from our friends over at Public Mobile. Earlier today we wrote about how they will not be launching in 2009 but now sometime in the “first half of 2010”. It’s well known that Public Mobile will target the “value conscious” market in Ontario and Quebec by offering a monthly $40 unlimited talk and text plan.

Here is what we were sent:
Q: When will Public Mobile launch?
A: Our original plan was to launch service in late 2009/early 2010. It now looks like we’ll be offering service in the first half of 2010. Last summer’s city strike in Toronto held up the permitting process for building our DAS (distributed antenna system) network. We want to make sure our customers have access to the best possible network technology available. So, rather than building 200 large towers, we’ll be using approximately 1,200 DAS nodes. The benefit to our customers is high quality reception and the ability for the network to handle a high volume of calls at the same time.


  • Ian Hardy

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