The truth about Wind rate plans… according to Bell

Thanks to an “anonymous tipster” for this tip! We’ve got our hand on an internal doc that was sent to all Bell employees to prepare themselves for when clients ask about new carrier WIND Mobile.

Even though WIND has been very outspoken about their plans, offerings and specifically letting people know that there’s a need to be clearer on their Home and Away calling zones… the doc is titled “Wind Mobile – What they forgot to tell Canadian about their Plans” (I just cut and pasted the title as it doesn’t even read correctly):

Here is what Bell is stating:
• Not truly an unlimited service after all. Unlimited with Wind Mobile means, small restricted calling zones with lots of extra confusing fees.
• For their prepaid clients, this means extra top-ups and for Postpaid clients, this means surprise bills.

Extra fees when in Away Zones:
• Placing or receiving a call is an extra $0.25 per minute
• Sending a text message is an extra $0.15 per text
• Using data is an extra $0.10 per 25 KB

List of features/services clients will not get in Away Zones, even when subscribed to the service:

• Unlimited Wind to Wind Calling
• Unlimited Text Messaging
• Unlimited Canadian/US Calling
• Unlimited Internet Data
• Discounted International Calling Rates

This is just the tipping point in Canadian wireless. With this we know that competition is alive and well in Canada. All the new carriers have already planned for 2010 and it will be interesting to see where everyone stands at the end of next year. Even though it’s still very early, WIND, Dave Wireless (or their new brand at launch), Public Mobile and Videotron will all take market share away from the big three and their sub brands… it’s just a matter of how much and by when. 2010 will be the most interesting year in Canadian wireless in over 10 years.

What are your predictions?