Rogers launches “Rocket Hub”, creates WiFi party for 15


  • TNSF

    “this is the product that gives you a wireless or voice connection when you can’t find one, probably really remote areas of Canada”

    Remote areas? Thats exactly where Rogers doesn’t have service.

    I think the hardware concept is good, but it seems to be most appealing in areas where there isn’t low cost phone and internet service. These remote areas are not covered by Rogers HSPA and in many cases not even GSM/EDGE.

    What is the market for this device? It would have a much much bigger market on Telus or Bell. Maybe they will get on board.

    I do have to admit though that the rate plans for this device are quite attractive for what it is trying to accomplish.

    • Leetneo

      bell has a mifi that will be coming out pretty fast.


    yea word!
    can we sign up for just tha data or is this only for tha hub? lol

  • Kyle Gazor

    I’m Confused???

    I thought this was a Device to make a Hot spot where-ever a outlet plug is availbe.

    What would you do with a Voice plan???

  • Bob

    What to do with a voice plan?

    Your at a trade show where there is no phone or internet. You plug this hub in and plug in your telephone and voila, you get internet and can make calls.

  • Cameron

    Anyone who has bought this garbage will agree with my its absolutely terrible,

    Buy this is you want your internet to drop every 5minutes for 2-3minute periods of time. so frustrating.
    Also don’t expect to get speeds that are much better than dial up.

    Rogers will lie through there teeth to sell this garbage.