Rogers launches “Rocket Hub”, creates WiFi party for 15

rogers-rocket-hubRogers has officially launched their “Rocket Hub”, this is the product that gives you a wireless or voice connection when you can’t find one. Rogers describes this Ericsson product as “Just plug the Rocket Hub into any power outlet and create a Wi-Fi spot connected to the Rogers Wireless Network and enjoy internet connectivity for up to 15 computers at one time”.

These are still finding their way into Rogers locations, but more can be found here at Rogers. The “Rocket Hub” can be yours on the following price plans:
2-year contract: $149.99 (there is no 3-year contract)
No contract: $399.99

Voice and Data Pricing:
$50.00 up to 3GB of data
$60.00 3GB to 5GB
$75.00 5GB to 10GB

Data only (Flex Plan)
$35.00 0 to 3GB
$45.00 3GB to 5GB
$60.00 5GB to 10GB

From our previous post, here is a breakdown of some important info:
– Data will also flex on your usage, voice won’t flex as it’s local UL
– You get unlimited voice minutes for local calls
– You can get unlimited Canadian Long Distance for $20.00
– The SIM card will be locked to the unit
– International roaming and voice minutes are disabled on these accounts
– The hub needs juice, so it’s a fixed installation. If the power goes out the net/phone does not work.
– There will be a battery pack as an accessory coming
– the hub is cellular voice, not VoIP of the next UMA
– the Hub doesn’t require a cable / DSL connection
– the Hub has standard network jack so you can hook up non WiFi devices directly to it to have data access
– Device is optimized for 10 devices, but can and will take more as long as the connection and network can take it
– it’s a 7.2Meg compliant device