TELUS launching Motorola Milestone “early 2010”, official announcement coming tomorrow


  • Arshad

    Early 2010 better be January 2010 ’cause I can’t wait!!!

  • Frank

    I’ll be counting down the days!

  • Jacob

    Hmm, I think the name Droid sounds cooler, but I can see how that might limit the audience. Anyways, this or Hero with 2.0?

  • Mike

    I’m excited to hear this is coming to Canada which hopefully means the touch screen only version will make it here too. I don’t like slide out qwerty’s. There is also talk that the tablet version will have a better processor and camera.

  • Rob Raymond

    Is that the Milestone in the post picture? Or just the Droid? Or is the Milestone and Droid the same damn device?

  • Khav

    It’s interesting that this has multi-touch pinch zooming. I saw a review of the US version (the Droid on Verizon) that said that there was no pinch zooming, but that the European model had it. I guess it’s some US patent issue with Google and Apple that prevents the Verizon Droid from having pinch zooming available.

  • Jason

    Dang….Anyone wanna buy my new HTC Hero? Its only 3 days old….LOL. Naww I like my Hero…but this is a really nice addition to an already stellar line-up. I had a hunch this phone was coming, but I wanted a new phone now, not in 2010, so I couldnt wait for this, but this makes 2 Android phones on Telus, compared to Bells 0. Bell better have something up their sleeves.

  • joe

    DROID = CDMA, Google Navi, no pinch zoom
    MILESTONE = GSM/HSPA, pinch zoom multi-touch, no Google Navi

    Otherwise they are physically the same device.

  • Sean S

    I hate these ‘early 2010’ timeline… Both Milestone and SE Xperia X10 have this release date, but why can’t they be just more specific?

    I am due for upgrade next year. And if they don’t roll these out before march, I might as well wait for the iPhone in June.

  • Brian M

    How come no Google Nav? that was the best part of Android 2.0

  • Sam

    Wow I have to say Telus has really stepped up its lineup! The Milestone is a beauty!

  • Scott

    Rogers who?

  • Dave

    Pinch to zoom: win!
    No Google Navigation: fail!

    At the very least, it’s pretty clear that a US patent is keeping pinch gestures off the Droid. No idea why there’s no Google Navigation, though. Obviously Google has the map data. They’ve even got traffic and public transit data for at least a few Canadian cities.