Are these the upcoming Canadian iPhone plans?


  • Dave

    Rogers will need to do a better job with their pricing if they plan on keeping people from Bell / Telus. Those look like great deals.

  • choss

    Out of the ~50 plans, Telus seems to have the best, it’s lacking call display and text messaging.

  • Michael Richard

    Why is it so hard to include call display? That’s even included in prepaid plans.


    • T Gal

      The companies make more money off of call display. Why include it when you can make $7/month from it 🙂

  • Mark

    The Rogers Plan is the Best

    50 dollars +2~ Fee

    200 mins
    Free after 9
    500 mb data
    choice of
    MY 5 Canadawide
    Unlimited Text
    Double Mins
    Unlimited Network Calling

    • Colin

      I only see one rogers plan in the list and its $95?

    • Stan

      that’s what rogers currently/was offering for a while now!

    • Stan

      there is 45$ 55% 65$ 75$ … Iphone voice and data plans at rogers for some reason only the 95$ is advertised here!

  • Terry

    I do not like any of these plans again the major carriers failed we need competition to come here in canada, Open up the industry for true competators.

  • buzzerbeat

    I’d have to say the $50 telus plan seems like the best deal…but then again, I’m not a really big Iphone fan. I’ll see if they come out with anything better before switching plans.

  • Randy

    The “with a 3-year contract/renewal” tagged on to EVERY plan from EVERY provider, makes NONE of these deals hot IMHO.

    Why do we put up with this BS in Canada? Americans, Brits, virtually everyone else in the rest of the developed world gasps with amazement and shock when you tell them in order to get a decent price on a phone in Canada you have to sign a THREE year deal. Absolute insanity and the only player that might have had a chance at changing that, WIND, has been derailed (hopefully just temporarily) by a combination of our archaic laws and the lobby efforts of the big 3. Sad.

    • theninjasquad

      I completely agree with you. It’s ridiculous that we still have to put up with these 3 year contracts. The government needs to mandate 2 year max since the telcos won’t do it.

    • dilaton

      Honestly, I am fine with the 3-year plan or even longer plan because at the end of the contract, we are still having a locked phone! What is the point of getting a shorter plan when the carriers are not obliged to unlock any non-contract devices?

    • Seungheon Lee

      I am kind of surprised to hear you saying that lol.
      Obviously, when you start a contract with a carrier, they offer you great plans and phones for cheaper price and shorter plans means that you can do this more often. Even if you don’t really need a new phone by the end of your contract, you can just buy a pricey phone for cheap price and make money selling it.

    • Nevermind

      hahaha it doesnt matter if you do a 1 or 2 or 3 year plan you still pay the same price per month, you just have to pay more for the phone, so if you dont want a 3 year plan buck up the $780 for a i phone and just buy it out right then.

  • Maha Vailo

    I don’t think any of these plans are a great value. If Telus bumped it’s $50 plan to include 1GB instead of 500MB, that might be a little bit more respectable. Roger’s plans currently aren’t too appealing. Same goes for Bell. Just add free Call Display to them FFS. You’ll make more off the volume than the revenue from the customers that just happen to join you -_-

  • xCDN

    Lets compare to a base AT&T plan:

    450 Anytime Minutes
    5000 Night & Weekend minutes
    Unlimited Mobile to Mobile minutes
    Visual Voicemail
    No Roaming charges
    No long distance charges
    24 Month Contract
    Unlimited Data (no tethering)

    $70 USD = $75.50 CDN/month + $1.25 & taxes

    I think the Canadian plans actually pretty competitive to the US plans given how bad prices have been in the past with plans.

    Getting out the door at around $50/month with Telus is pretty good. The contents of the mid plans pale in comparison with AT&T (especially 2yr contract!) but the low end plans are a nice option IMO.

    • Maha Vailo

      This actually points out that we’re getting boned. This merely points out that we can pay a little less and get way less.

  • livelikeian

    I’ve mentioned this elsewhere, but the $50 plan for Telus could be such a huge draw for people, *IF* they increased the data to 1GB for a limited time to new contracts and renewals.

    And, if they were feeling generous, throw in Caller ID or early evenings/weekends as the deal closer. It would be a no-brainer for consumers.

    The above plan would be incredibly competitive, but how likely is Telus to do something like this? In my estimates, not very likely.


  • Mark

    Damn them for ruining a host of long awaited decent devices with this idiotic collection of ‘plans’. Add to that a three year commitment. Bah.

    In the 80 dollar plan, give me 6pm unlimited start time, call display, my5 AND unlimited text, and we’ve got a deal.


  • Serge

    The 50$ Telus is the best deal I see it. Although I would literaly run to the store if threw in call display (come on! it’s so archaic to charge for that!) And why limit the data to 500 MB? so little! Although I read somewhere that iPhone users average 300 MBytes a month… but then again I am not an average person… 😉

    Not sure what the “+ 50” means in “200 + 50” minutes… Sorry I am new to this marketing lingo…

  • Aj

    That fido plan is bs, no way there plan would shift down to 50 and get reduced in features when they just came out with the new 65 dollar plan

  • midtoad

    This is a game of tit and tat. Bell and Telus will provide plans that are a TINY bit better than Rogers, then wait to see what happens. If Rogers responds with lower pricing, why then, that is when they will improve their plans just a TINY bit more. Don’t count on big breaks right out of the box.

  • Ned

    No roaming charges
    No long distance charges

    And you think the CDN plans are not bad?

    And a 24 month contract…

    I used to live in the States. The contract that I had there in 2001 was vastly superior to anything I can get in Canada today.

    Oligopoly FTW!!

  • toyandme

    Telus seems to have the best deal but it is still way too expensive by the time you add the essentials and taxes, for a forever contract with a LOCKED phone. The iPhone is crippled nearly to death with useless Bluetooth, and no UMA!

    Also, it will be totally obsolete by June, when it finally catches up, perhaps, to the other smartphones that have had multitasking, decent cameras, FM receivers, etc., for years.

  • Seungheon Lee

    I am always very unsatisfied with the cdn plans but usually, you can talk with the retention center and get your rentention plan.
    For example, my plan is:

    -200 daytime min
    -6pm early evening
    -caller display
    -voice mail
    -350 sms
    -my5 nationwide

    for $43 including tax.
    Which I think is pretty nice because just to get my5, it’s $45 I believe.
    Also, they made a mistake which they have shortened my contract from 3 years to 1 year and 11 months LOL

  • bobby

    AT&T Base Rate plan


    *5000 nights and weekends starting @ 9pm

    * 450 anytime mins with ROLLover

    * Unlimited NATIonwide mobile to mobile

    -NO SAF

    all comes out to $69.99 (american) – $75 (canadian) before taxes

  • Sean S

    These plans are horrible!! Data plans limited to 1GB at $50/month is just ridiculous. I’m on Telus right now, paying $50 for unlimited data + 10 faves nationwide.

    I guess I’ll be keeping my CDMA device for a little longer. I can’t imagine being limited to limited data plans.


    not a big shocker nut no good enuff.. still need flat rate unlimited data plans.. canada can’t compare to other countryside and that is sad, in tha UK iphones are FREE (all versions) on two year terms of 30 to 44 a month.. canada’s got to be tha only place offering OVER PRICED data with such LOW fixed limits.. shamefull really ! so I guess iapple calls tha shots on data aswell? I was hopping bells unlimited data plans would carry over to there HSPA network or they would at least offer comparable plans.. this is yet another slap in tha face and making it more likely that I will Never take a term for afew bils off a NEW phone again..

  • Scott

    These plans are garbage plain and simple. Surprise surprise that there is no innovation from these three companies. When (and it will happen) Wind launches people will leave the current carriers by the masses, iPhone or not. If I wasn’t hopelessly in need of my cell phone I wouldn’t own one at all. The prices and service we receive in Canada are depressing.

  • Paul

    Any chance of the 6Gb for $30 returning to Rogers?

  • Pederson

    Horrible plans. I’ve decided to wait on the whole HSPA/iPhone thing for up to a possibly NEXT Christmas. Mainly because I don’t know how all this will go, big changes needs time to iron out bugs.

    Not to mention it looks like Bell officially has the worst iPhone plans in North America. However I suspect (hope) that will quickly change.

  • David

    You dont HAVE to take the iPhone plans on Bell. You can still have a corporate rate plan or regular smartphone plan. PLUS, if you bring in your own unlocked phone, you can get 20% off your rate plan for the full length of the term.

  • Colin

    I actually might be tempted by the $50 telus plan IF caller id was included.

    If I’m paying you $50 a month, you can give me something that costs you nothing for free.

  • Lindsay

    well I checked the plans for bell

    for example the $95 they are not including:

    – Caller Display
    – Visual Voicemail
    – Message Centre
    – Unlimited Messages

    plus: I noticed 2GB of use not 3GB

    that’s a let down for $95! still very expensive without those features included

    • Lindsay

      sorry I noticed on the next page those features were included except for text messaging

  • jams

    Bell also has a $45 plan. Though I’m not sure of the features.

  • Wind rocks

    All these plans are junk wind mobile is where its at