DAVE Wirless signs roaming agreement with Rogers


  • Randy

    Roam on Rogers?… so DAVE is out as an option for me. 🙂

  • Jota Efe

    Looks like data roaming will be EDGE only…. not 3G…

  • toyandme

    “we needed a high-quality partner to provide our customers voice and data roaming services when they travel outside our coverage areas.”

    And THEY picked Rogers!? What were they thinking?

  • Kmusky

    Actually, DAVE just got more attractive for me. Rogers has coverage on my parent’s farm, as well as my brother’s place, so I needn’t worry about losing a signal when I visit.

  • Scott

    In terms of coverage Rogers is a much better option then Bell or Telus in my experience. I didn’t know that they were launching in Edmonton though. I had it in my head they were only going to be out east. More competition is a good thing!


    well I don’t think posters “kmusky” or “scott” know to much.. but to each his own…

    really rogers wasn’t a good choice in terms of coverage – definately not for 3G coverage… kinda makes me think dave wont last to long before there fidoized “as in bought up By rogers”

    well im thinking No dave for me…..

  • Kmusky

    I’m not asking to stream video at my parent’s farm, just so long as I don’t miss a call. And it’ll be a few years before Rogers buys them out at least. We’ll see what the landscape looks like then. Who knows? Maybe Shaw will be in the fray by then.